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Top 10 Reasons Holiday Romances Are Tops! + Giveaway


There’s nothing I love more than curling up with a blanket, a hot cup of tea or cocoa and a holiday romance. As soon as the leaves start to turn brilliant yellows, reds and oranges, I get excited. The holiday season is getting closer and I can pull out my stash of holiday romances to get me geared up for the season.
And what do I love more than a holiday romance…not much, except for a sexy hero who’s up for just about anything. Then again it’s even more fun when the hero doesn’t know what to expect next. And that’s why I fell for my hero, Jason, in my first ever Christmas romance, SNOWBOUND WITH THE SOLDIER. He’s definitely a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas and the heroine is full of holiday cheer. So when these two get together, they definitely see things differently. ;-)

Top 10 Reasons Holiday Romances Are Tops!

10. I love snow! And when it’s snowing between the pages of a romance novel, I don’t have to worry about my roads getting icy. ;-)

9. They put me in a festive mood and make me smile. And since I firmly believe that everyone needs a good dose of smiling numerous times of day, this is a very good for moral.

8. I can enjoy an exciting holiday party with good conversation without having to find a dress that actually fits, and I don’t have to figure out what to do with my hair. Sweats and a tee-shirt are welcome!

7. While the heroine is stuck in a blizzard, I’m safe and snug under my blanket with my kitty on my lap.

6. They get me excited about the holiday and I find myself actually wanting to go Christmas shopping. As I’m not a shopper, this is a big bonus.

5. The Christmas covers are the best! Hands down. They are festive and inviting. They draw me right into their holiday celebration and I want to buy them all. Just ask the hubby. Wait! Don’t! It’s probably not a good idea to remind him how much I charged already on Christmas books. ;-)

4.Holiday romances have the sexiest heroes that usually make fools of themselves one way or the other for the heroine—either by trying to sing a Christmas carol and not carrying a tune or by trying to string lights on the roof and falling down. Come on you have to find it sweet when a guy will go the extra mile for a woman he’s crazy about…even if he lands on his backside in the snow. LOL.

3.There’s always a chance for a fireplace popping and crackling in the background while the couple snuggles. Because I can’t think of anything better to do on a cold winter’s night, can you? ;-)

2. There’s always themistletoe ending i.e. they kiss and all is well. *happy dreamy sigh*

And the #1 reason holiday romances are tops is…
My first holiday romance, SNOWBOUND WITH THE SOLDIER, is on sale now!  :-D

Oh come on, you knew I had to sneak that in here somewhere. LOL.

Now it’s your turn to share….What’s your favorite holiday romance?


Maybe this Christmas…?  

It has been seven long years since Kara Jameson last saw Jason Greene. Returning home as a wounded war hero, Jason looks a shell of the man she once knew. Yet her heart still skips a beat as if it was yesterday…. 

Stepping back into civilian life, Jason looks to Kara for help. But there's too much water under the bridge—not to mention too much lingering attraction. 

But it seems that the mountain weather has other ideas, and when Kara and Jason end up snowbound together they are forced to confront the ghosts of Christmas past.

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Author Bio

Jennifer Faye is a two-time RT Book Reviews TOP PICK author. Maybe that’s partly due to the fact that she has spent most of her life with her nose in one book or another. It was only natural that she dreamed of becoming a romance writer and spinning the tales of the imaginary people running around in her mind. But first life took her on a couple of detours. Refusing to give up on her dreams, she finally succeeded in getting her name on a book cover. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her very, very patient husband, one amazing daughter (the other remarkable daughter has flown the coop to chase her own dreams) and two spoiled rotten cats. When she’s not glued to her laptop writing another contemporary romance (which isn’t often) or enjoying some family time, she loves to get lost in a good book, cross-stitch, embroider, quilt, knit, watch hockey (go Pittsburgh Penguins!), and garden. Jennifer loves to hear from readers--you can contact her via her website.

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  1. I've got my copy on my kindle and can't wait to read. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Rachel!!! Hope you enjoy it. :-)

  2. I have too many favorite Holiday romances -- there's not enough room here to list them all. Now, I'm adding "Snowbound with the Soldier" to my list. I love Holiday romances, and actually read them all year!!

    1. You read holiday romances all year? Interesting. Hmm...I'll have to think that one over. I usually stash them away and save them for Oct-Jan. But I suppose my arm could be twisted to read them year round. LOL.

  3. I'm a sucker for stories centered around the Christmas season. Most of my favorites are tied to a series and my most favorite was Holiday in Death by J. D. Robb. If you put aside the gruesome murder mystery of the story, the parts that focus on Eve Dallas preparing for her first Christmas with Roarke and all these new people who are now part of her life is inspiring.

    1. Hi, Jonetta. Thanks for the book suggestion. I'll have to check it out. :-)

    2. This book was like #10 in the series and I highly recommend starting from the beginning:)

    3. Thanks for the heads up. I always like to start at the beginning of a series, even if the books can stand alone. :-)


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