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Meet The SUGARWATER RANCH Characters

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Hi, Maureen and everybody at Just Contemporary Romance. Thank you for inviting me to tell you about SUGARWATER RANCH. In order to help you get to know a couple of the characters a little better, I’ve interviewed Sean O’Connell, the hero of the book and his friend and Catherine’s cousin, Ray “Junior” Silvera.

Sean was raised in a rodeo family in the small ranching community of Dalhart, Oregon. He's spent the last ten years doing just what he wants, following the rodeo trail, riding bulls and partying with his friends. If you ask Sean, he'd tell you there is no better feeling than climbing on a hard bucking bull.

For the first time in years, he's landed back in Dalhart, in the middle of the winter, forced to take a job on a local ranch. And the funny thing is, he kind of likes it.

Stephanie: I’d like to welcome Sean O’Connell and Junior Silvera to Just Contemporary Romances blog today. Please tell us a little about yourselves.

Sean: Well, I’m pretty ordinary. I work on a ranch babysitting a bunch of mama cows.
Junior: Sean rides bulls.

Stephanie: That doesn’t sound ordinary to me. Riding bulls isn’t something most men do. How did you get started?

Sean: My dad and granddad rodeoed. Dad rode saddle broncs and granddad did everything. I was riding horses before I could walk and started riding steers in grade school.

Stephanie: Those bulls are big and mean. Aren’t you scared?

Sean: Nah, I love the rush. There’s isn’t a better feeling in the world than getting in the chute, nodding my head and going head to head with a powerful animal. But that’s just a sport. Junior here is the special one.

Junior: Oh, Sean.

Stephanie: It looks like Junior is a little shy. Why do you say he’s special, Sean?

Sean: My buddy Junior has the ability to see beyond a person’s faults and find the good in everybody, and let me tell you, he had to look some to find my nice side.

Junior: Sean’s my friend and Catherine’s, too. He takes me out to visit the calves on the ranch.

Stephanie: Which ranch is that?

Sean: The Quarter Circle A. Old man Aguirre needed help, and I needed a job. I guess I needed the job more than Ben had need for a ranch hand, but we get along just fine.

Junior: Sean takes care of the baby calves, and he lets me help.

Sean: Junior is my right hand man.

Stephanie: It sounds like we’ve found out what you like. What do you dislike the most?

Junior: Orange

Stephanie: Orange? The fruit?

Junior? The color. Orange is the bad people’s color.

Stephanie: Sean?

Sean: I told you Junior’s special. He sees auras around most folks, can tell things about them by the color they are.

Stephanie: Really? That’s amazing

Junior: It’s okay if you don’t believe me. Nobody but Catherine and Sean do.

Stephanie: What color am I?

Junior: Colors are secret. I’ll tell you when everyone isn’t listening.

Stephanie: What about you, Sean? What do you dislike the most?

Sean: Oh, I don’t dislike much of anything. Maybe green beans.

Stephanie: You sound like you’re pretty happy with your life.

Sean: What’s not to like? I’ve got the best job in the world, riding bulls, and I mostly do what I want the rest of the time.

Stephanie: If you got to spend the day with anyone, who would it be?

Sean: Probably Ty Murray, one of the greatest cowboys ever to ride a bucking horse or bull. Yeah, Ty or Dean Oliver.

Junior: I’d go with Sean.

Stephanie: Who’s your favorite musician?

Sean: That’s easy. George Strait, the King of Country. He sings rodeo music.

Junior: I like them all, except that rap crap. That’s what my papa calls it. *smile*

Stephanie: We’ve got time for one more question. What do you want most out of life?

Sean: To make it to the National Finals Rodeo.

Stephanie: Anything else?

Sean: Don’t tell Catherine, but I’d like to figure out what makes her tick.

Junior: I’m going to tell. (with a grin)

Stephanie: Before the wrestling match starts, I’d like to say thanks for visiting with me today.

Sean: Adios.

Junior: Bye bye.

If you could interview any cowboy, real or in a fictional character, who would you want to talk to? What questions would you ask?

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  1. Reading this now!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, D'Ann. Let me know what you think.

  3. Nice interview

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. I would interview Adriano Moraes, national bull riding champion several times. He lead the way for other brazilians to come to the USA and ride bulls. I would ask him...
    1. Which scared him more... being in a new country not knowing the language or getting on the bull that would make or break his first championship?

    2. Will you leave your wife and run away with me?

    Ok, so I wouldn't really want him to leave his wife... but, a gal can dream. :)
    Julie O
    jo1963jo at gmail dot com

    1. LOL, I love your second question. Adriano is one of my favorites, too.

  5. I would not know which cowboy I have read about I would interview. I don't know any real ones - life on the east coast - no cowboys around here. :( Congrats on your new book. I will be looking for you.

    1. oops - forgot email lynnedavid at comcast dot net

    2. Thanks, Lynn. One of these days maybe you'll meet a cowboy.


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