Thursday, September 5, 2013

STAY WITH ME Blog Tour With Elyssa Patrick


Elyssa stopped by to answer a few of my strange questions!  She's a good sport.

1. Caleb from STAY WITH ME is my hero for the simple fact that he likes all three Star Wars films...and not the prequels.  Is it possible the author shares his opinion? (grin) You are not a Jar-Jar Binks fan? (Is there one?)

I might share Caleb’s opinion about the prequels, lol. And definitely not a fan of Jar-Jar Binks.

2. Do you have any rock stars in the family? Any in-the-car aspiring singers?

No rock stars in the family . . . or in-the-car aspiring singers, thankfully. No one in my family has a talent for singing, so we don’t want to torture anyone. 

3. What do you describe the New Adult genre as?

My friend, Jane Litte, came up with a great New Adult definition and made a graphic for it. I completely agree with this description.
4. If you were to sit and have tea with the Queen Of England, what do you think the topic of conversation would be?

Well, hopefully, the Queen would be this crafty matchmaker and she would have Prince Harry “accidentally” interrupt our tea session. Of course, Prince Harry would totally be intrigued by me and reform his rakish ways. Okay, a girl can dream, right? ;) 

With one look, I’m his . . .

With one touch, he’s mine . . .

With one kiss, it changes everything between us . . .

I’ve been famous since I can remember. Singing, acting, dancing—I’ve done it all. The
tabloids cover my every move, but I don’t want that anymore. I want to be normal, whatever that is.

When I leave Hollywood for college in Vermont, I’m on my own for the first time in my life. This is my chance to figure out who I am and what I want in life.

But it’s a lot harder than I expected. I can’t escape my image. Classes are difficult, and I’m struggling. And then there’s Caleb Fox.

Sexy, intriguing Caleb Fox.

Caleb is the one man who doesn’t want to use me. He breaks down my walls. He challenges me. He wants me. And I just don’t know if I can give him the same—or if he’ll stick around when he finds out my shameful secret that the tabloids haven’t managed to uncover.

Dating him is risky enough, but loving him could break me.

I give him a look. “You’re not really expecting me to introduce myself, are you?”

“Why not?”

“Because . . . because . . .” I look up at the sky; no answers are there among the few stars that have now broken free of the clouds. “Because it seems silly. We already know each other’s names.”

“Let’s pretend we don’t. Here. I’ll start.” He holds out his right hand to me. “Hi, I’m Caleb Fox.”
I stare at his hand. “This is—”

“I’m sorry. I don’t talk to strangers.”

“Funny.” But then I decide to play along—I tell myself that it’s not to feel Caleb’s hand around mine once again. “Hi, Caleb. I’m Hailey Bloom.”

I like saying his name.

“Hi, Hailey.”

I like it even more when he says mine.

His hand grasps mine in a firm, no-nonsense grip. It should be an ordinary handshake. 

Something brief, impersonal, and easily forgotten.

This handshake is anything but ordinary, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

His slightly rough skin is still cool against mine, and his thumb sweeps the inside of my wrist. I gasp out loud, and his fingers briefly tighten. The handshake should be over by now.

He doesn’t let go. Neither do I.

“Now we’ve met,” he finally says.

“Yes.” My mouth feels dry, and I lick my lips. “We have.”

His gaze drops to my mouth. I want to fall into him, to let my body press against his, and feel his arms around me. To have his lips touch mine.

Who cares about anything else but that right now?

Nothing else matters. Nothing at all.

It would take just one step. One tiny step would bring me closer to him. I’d be within kissing distance.

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  1. Hi Elyssa!
    I adore rock star stories and totally believe there haven't been enough of them over the years. That's why I wrote one myself and why I'm going to add yours immediately to my TBR pile--I love your twist of having it be a young woman who's trying to escape her fame. I wish you all the best with "Stay With Me."

  2. I love the dialogue from the excerpt. There is different a lot of tensions between the two characters. I would love to read the book for the dialogue.


  3. When one goes to college, aren't we all trying to find our self's. when your famous I'm sure its harder. This book is going on my TRL.

  4. I'm enjoying the influx of books with a music background. All the best with your new book!


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