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Q & A With THREE LITTLE WORDS author, Susan Mallery

With NY Times bestselling author, Susan Mallery

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1. In any way, are your female heroines an extension of yourself?

All of my heroines are women I’d want as friends – after all, I spend months with them in my head, so I have to like them – but they are not me. I write four or five books every year, and it would get pretty boring to write about the same woman over and over again. But I certainly do relate to each of them, and if I’ve done my job, readers will, as well.

2. What’s next for the town of Fool’s Gold? 

The Fool’s Gold Cookbook will be released the end of August, and I’ve written a short Fool’s Gold novella for the cookbook, which you won’t find anywhere else. So not only do you get 150 pretty amazing recipes, but you get a love story, as well. Then, on September 24, CHRISTMAS ON 4TH STREET will be released. I adore writing Christmas romances, and this one was especially fun because the heroine, Noelle Perkins, has opened a Christmas store in downtown Fool’s Gold. The only problem is, they’re getting a lot of snow this year in the Sierra Nevadas, and her seasonal employees would rather ski than work. She’s stunned when Gabriel Boylan offers to lend a hand. Why would the sexy Army doctor want to spend his free time on leave working in her store? Gabriel is at a crossroads in his life. He has to decide whether to re-enlist, or to try to build a life beyond the Army. Working at The Christmas Attic – with beautiful Noelle – could just help him decide.

3. On August 27, you’ll release your Fool’s Gold Cookbook with more than 150 recipes to complement your wildly popular Fool’s Gold series. Where do you get your interest in cooking?

I’ve never enjoyed spending hours in the kitchen. Like many women, I’m too busy for that! But I do enjoy eating delicious meals made with fresh ingredients, and I think preparing a meal for my family is one of the most loving things I can do to nurture them. In the Fool’s Gold Cookbook, you’ll find recipes that are pretty easy even for the reluctant cook, and that don’t take hours. They’re organized by season, then further broken down into everyday dishes and some for special occasions. The cookbook is really beautiful, with lots of full-color photos. I’m excited that it will be out in time for the holiday shopping season because I think it will make a wonderful Christmas gift.

If you pre-order it, be sure to hold onto your receipt because on August 12, I’ll launch a pre-order contest for the cookbook on my website, I’m giving away a KitchenAid mixer!

4. For the Fool’s Gold romances, you have invented a detailed history of the town and deep backgrounds for the characters, even down to the town book store owner. How does this help you delve deeper into your writing? 

I want to create the sense for readers that Fool’s Gold is a real place, so I provide them with lots of bonus content at There, we have a map of the town, a history, a list of local festivals, a who’s who character chart, and plenty of between-the-books updates on what’s happening in the characters’ lives. If you’re a Fool’s Gold fan, you should visit the website to see all the new stuff we have there. I promise, it will enrich your reading experience. For example…

Fool’s Gold has a very colorful (fictional) history, going back to pre-Columbian times. A group of Mayan women migrated north and established a matriarchal society along the shores of what is now Lake Ciara in Fool’s Gold. They were sick of all the virgin sacrifices, so they left. The Máa-zib tribe is the name we came up with, with the help of a Mayan-English dictionary. “Máa-zib” is a very rough translation/bastardization of “no boys,” after the words have been mangled by centuries and distance. The Máa-zib culture has a pretty fun impact on Fool’s Gold today. When the series started, there was a man shortage in Fool’s Gold. Was that because of an ancient Mayan curse? Who knows? Last year, a hero was ceremoniously “sacrificed” at the Máa-zib festival. And next year, six-year-old Future Warriors of the Máa-zib, Fool’s Gold’s twist on Scouts, will warm readers’ hearts.

5. You’re known for writing novels that always have a happy ending, no matter the turmoil the characters face along the way. What is the reason behind this? Would you ever consider writing a book without a happy ending?

No. Never. I don’t like to read books with unhappy endings, and I would never consider writing one. When I write a book, I invest my heart in the characters. If I left them in a bad place, they would haunt me for the rest of my life.

Life’s too short to read unhappy books.
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  1. I recently read my first Fool's Gold book and loved it! Can't wait to read more in the series!!

    (I'm outside the US so don't enter me :))

  2. Hi Susan! I'm a bride to be would love to win this bridal kit and a new book to read on my honeymoon! I agree "Life’s too short to read unhappy books."

  3. forgot to add my email mmleal82 at gmail dot com

  4. Hi Susan,
    So happy to see you here on Just Contemporary Romance. Your absolute answer to whether you'd ever write a book with an unhappy ending is why I so adore your stories. Why we all do, I'd guess. If I want unhappy I'll watch the news or see a Nicholas Sparks movie (sorry fans). I know I can trust you to leave me feeling like there's hope and love in the world. Can't wait for your cookbook -- I am the definition of that "reluctant cook" you mentioned!

  5. Congrats to Susan on the new release. I'm a huge fan of the Fool's Gold books. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  6. I recently read "Accidentally Yours" and loved it. I totally agree that "life's too short to read unhappy books."

    krisrich85 at ymail dot com

  7. I agree I hate to spend hours reading a book for it to end sadly, which is one reason I love your books so much. I can always count on a happily ever after. Fool's gold is one of my favorite series.

    emilybaucom at yahoo dot com

  8. Hi susan! I love your books! Especially Fools Gold! I love that all your stories end happily...there's too much heartache in real life so why would I want to read about it too? Thanks for sharing all of your lovely stories with us!

    Kdjohnston73 at Yahoo dot com

  9. Hi Susan, my son is getting married to the love of his life and this would be a perfect gift for his Bride to be glamourized on her special day. I agree "Life’s too short to read unhappy books".


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