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Shopping For A Man

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Thank you so much to Maureen for inviting me over. It’s a pleasure to be here today. 
Finding the right man to spend the rest of your life with can be easier said than done. Beth Carlisle, my heroine in Famously Engaged, thought she’d solved that problem by marrying her best friend, but what she discovered is that there are different kinds of love. While loyalty and empathy are great traits for a friend to have, they aren’t enough to sustain a marriage.  
What she ended up with was a divorce and a husband-hunting list written for her by her ex-husband. He was certain he knew what she was looking for - someone very similar to him, of course. When he moved on and became engaged, he made it his mission to find Beth a new man so that she could do the same. His mission failed, but I love the moment when Beth puts all of the pieces together and sees that every man she’s ever dated has been a “copy” of her ex. 


     She huffed out a sigh. “He’s my personal matchmaker. He takes great care to screen the guys before he passes my number out. They’re all within two years of my age, no jewelry, no piercings, no fake tans, no tattoos. Nonsmokers, clean-shaven with dark hair cropped short, shiny shoes, and a respectable Melbourne-based job. Oh, and they’re also close to their families and interested in a long-term relationship.”      His eyebrows hiked upward.
     “Brad gives my dates tips on where to take me, safe subjects to discuss and others to avoid, what wine to order with dinner, what music to play in the car.” She groaned. “There’s no magic, no spark. They’re so perfect it’s nauseating, and I always want to run in the other direction.”     She clutched the seat as Jake swerved out of the traffic and brought the van to an abrupt halt in a bus zone.      “There’s more. Say it.” Jake’s large hands covered hers. He’d unclipped his seat belt and leaned close, his muscular body looming over hers. With a hot man sharing her seat, the last thing she wanted to do was talk, but his hazel eyes were intense, daring
her to answer.
     “I want a husband and a family more than anything, but I’m a
complete failure when it comes to dating. The sense of expectation
makes me uncomfortable and I dread the end of the date from
the moment we first meet.”
     “Perhaps you’d enjoy dating someone other than your ex-husband?”
     “I’ve been on lots of dates and they’ve all been disasters, so I
must be the problem.”
     “Brad’s your age, right?” She nodded. “And he has dark hair
that’s cropped short? He lives in Melbourne, has a good job,
doesn’t smoke. He’s close to his family; hell, he was even close to
yours. Do I need to go on?”
     “So all this time, I’ve been dating copies of Brad?” A gurgle
of near-hysterical laughter climbed her throat and emerged as
a rude noise. “That’s funny. Pathetic, but kind of funny too. No
wonder I was miserable.”

I have no idea what specific traits or qualities you’d include on your list if you were shopping for a man, but I’d hazard a guess that you wouldn’t describe your ex. For a chance to enter the rafflecopter draw below, please share what would be at the top of your shopping-for-a-man list.**    

A chef and a rock star. They couldn’t be from more different worlds…

Rock star royalty’s favorite son, Jake Olsen, couldn’t help but interfere after listening to his future brother-in-law talk non-stop about his ex-wife, Beth Carlisle. Jake decides that the only way to get the groom’s mind off his ex-wife is to give her a fake fiancĂ©.

Before Jake can convince Beth of his plan, he's forced to move in with her to avoid the paparazzi. Their instant attraction makes for a sizzling "first date", but soon Jake’s fame gets in the way and Beth wants out. Too bad Jake's figured out just why her ex is so obsessed with her, and he's afraid he's not going to be able to give her up either.

Now it's up to Jake to convince this chef together they make the perfect recipe.

About Robyn Thomas
Robyn is a cheesecake connoisseur, caffeine addict, and mother of two boys. Happily married, she lives in Melbourne, Australia. Writing romance helps her balance the effects of living in an all-male household. Robyn loves romantic comedies, art glass, cooking and browsing in quirky gift shops.  Author WebsiteTwitterGoodreads 

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  1. Hi Robyn,
    So nice to meet you here. I have to say, I'm a built-in fan of your book since it features a rock star! My first book is titled "The Rancher and the Rock Star" (the hero is the Rock Star half), so you can tell I'll automatically love YOUR hero Jake! I can't wait to pick up "Famously Engaged" and dig in--it sounds like a fun premise!

    As for top of my list? I have no "ex" just a hubby of 39 years--but he has my #1 & #2 qualities--a sense of humor, and a willing ear. A guy who knows how to make you laugh can improve any day; a guy who'll listen can save it!

  2. Hi Lizbeth,
    I can see that I'm going to love your book as well. :-) Great title!

    You made me smile with "just" a husband of 39 years. He definitely sounds like a keeper and I adore those qualities that you've deemed #1 and #2. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Is it cliche to say someone who makes me laugh? Or who I can make laugh? Because if he doesn't get my jokes, he is so out of there. Just sayin'.

    1. Hi Abigail, I think things are cliché sometimes for a reason. Finding someone you can laugh with is what it's all about!

  4. What an absolutely interesting premise for a story! I'm married, too, so I'm already biased about my list. My husband snared me with his corny sense of humor and that will always be my number one trait. Even when I'm angry with him, I can't stay there when he starts with his awful jokes. He's also so very smart, which keeps me challenged.

    Jonettaallen77 at yahoo dot com

  5. Hi Jonetta, we have a theme! I love that you affectionately describe your husband's jokes as awful. And matching minds as well as wits sounds like it'd keep you on your toes.

    1. I met my hubby through his sisters, my best friends, and they said they knew it was kismet for us when I would howl at his jokes. I really do think they're funny and no one else seems to:)

    2. It sounds as if you and your hubby are meant to be! How wonderful that your best friends are now in-laws :-)

  6. Love the premise of this one! Unique and fun - adding it to my wishlist right now :)

    Love your bio - I'm thinking I may need to do some training to be a cheesecake connoisseur too! :)

    1. Hi Jemi,

      Thanks re the premise of the book, and I wish you luck in becoming a cheesecake connoisseur. MUCH taste testing is involved, and I always found it helpful to sample other things like chocolate cake just to compare ;-)

  7. Just stopping by to thank everyone for commenting, and Maureen for hosting me. It's been a pleasure :-)


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