Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On The Fast Track…

Congratulations to "Kai", the winner in Jennifer's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by to share this special moment in my life. This week is my debut week! Yep, I’m a newbie and as green as the grass my hubby needs to mow. LOL. If you haven’t heard already, RANCHER TO THE RESCUE is now available. Squee!
Since I’m new, let me share a bit of my writing journey. My writing career has by no means been on the fast track…well that is until I entered the first chapter of RANCHER TO THE RESCUE in one of Harlequin’s Fast Track opportunities. That was an amazing experience. Every time I submitted some of my story to my now editor, she wanted more of my sexy cowboy. ;-)
Why do people insist on pledging themselves to each other? Love was fleeting at best—if it existed at all.
Cash Sullivan crossed his arms as he lounged back against the front fender of his silver pickup. He pulled his tan Stetson low, blocking out the brilliant New Mexico sun. From the no-parking zone he glanced at the adobe- style church, where all of the guests were gathered, but he refused to budge.
I’ve had a dream of being a Harlequin author since reading my first Harlequin paperback when I was a teenager. My life took a few detours as there were bills to pay and mouths to feed, but I never fully let go of my dream. Fast forward a few years and at last I had an opportunity to do what I’d been dreaming about—to write and get published.

RANCHER TO THE RESCUE was one of three story concepts I created for the Harlequin Romance Fast Track event. Each story concept was very different than the other. I wrote first chapters for each idea, as that was the requirement to enter the Fast Track. I then passed those chapters out to trusted readers. I had them rank the stories from one to three. And in the end, they liked them all, but RANCHER TO THE RESCUE with its fun yet emotional roller coaster tale combined with that rugged rancher, Cash Sullivan,received a unanimous vote.
Cash’s gaze swung around to the photographers. They hadn’t noticed her yet, but that didn’t ease his discomfort. “You didn’t kill anyone, did you?”
“Of course not.” The bride sighed. “Do you honestly think I’d be in this getup if I was going to murder someone?”
“I’m not into any Bonnie and Clyde scenario.”
“That’s good to know. Now that we have that straightened out, can you put the pedal to the metal and get us out of here before they find me?”
To make a long story short, I sent off the first chapter and in Fast Track fashion I had a speedy response— they wanted the partial. I wrote quickly and sent it off. In just a few weeks they requested the FULL. I never wrote so fast in my life. My fingers were smoking. ;-) But it was a total adrenaline ride, and I loved the rush. Then the revisions came with a note that the sooner I could return them, the better. Nothing like adding a little fuel to my excitement. In the end, my wait wasn’t long. They loved RANCHER TO THE RESCUE and wanted to buy it. *pop the champagne and toss the confetti*
The bride wound the lengthy material around her arm. A look of concern filled her eyes. “You will come back, won’t you?”
Cash didn’t want to. He didn’t want anything to do with this mess. All he wanted was to go home and get on with his life. But he couldn’t leave her sick and stranded.
“I’ll be back as fast as I can.”
Now it’s your turn, tell me what you like best about cowboys?

Jennifer will be giving away a digital copy of RANCHER TO THE RESCUE to one commenter who answers her question.

Author Bio:
Jennifer Faye has spent most of her life with her nose in one book or another. It was only natural that she dreamed of becoming a romance writer and spinning the tales of the imaginary people running around in her mind. But first life took her on a couple of detours. Refusing to give up on her dreams, she finally succeeded in getting her name on a book cover. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her very, very patient husband, one amazing daughter (the other remarkable daughter has flown the coop to chase her own dreams) and two spoiled rotten cats. When she’s not glued to her laptop writing another contemporary romance (which isn’t often) or enjoying some family time, she loves to get lost in a good book, cross-stitch, embroider, quilt, knit, watch hockey (go Pittsburgh Penguins!), and garden. Jennifer loves to hear from readers--you can contact her via her website.
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Damsel in a wedding dress!

Jilted at the altar, celebrity chef Meghan Finnegan flees the scene--and the baying press--only to run straight into the muscled torso of Cash Sullivan.
The former rodeo champion knows what it’s like to have your life crumble in the spotlight, so he offers Meghan a place to lie low at his ranch.

Fresh air, no paparazzi and the brooding rancher's lazy smile are making Meghan not want to leave her sanctuary. But she and her unborn baby can't stay here forever...can they?

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  1. Jennifer, how exciting! I love hearing stories of success.

    1. Hi, Abigail.

      Thanks so much for checking out my post and chatting.

      Hope you have a great day!

  2. I'm drawn to cowboys not only for those great physiques but for their sense of values. They don't mind hard work and like living life full out. I can't resist them:)

    Best of luck to you with your debut novel!

    1. Jonetta, I couldn't have said it better myself. Cowboys are awesome!!!

      Thank you so much! :-)

  3. Cowboys have great physiques, good manners, and so dedicated to hard works and have this sense of justice. They love the great outdoors.


    1. Kai, I love your description of cowboys. They rock!

      Thanks for stopping by. :-)


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