Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dreaming Without Doing

My son, Jon, who turned a mere 32 on July 2nd, said something so profound that it changed my whole life. (Besides, when he told me I was going to be a grandmother. That was wonderfully life changing in a whole different way!)
  I was telling him how proud I was of him because he always goes for his dreams.  He looked me in the eye and said “Mom, dreams are just things you hope for. I set goals. Goals get you where you want to go.”  It was like my head started vibrating. WHAT?  Of course!  It clicked.  
I’d been very busy dreaming of my writing career and I was winging it all the time.  I’d been writing for forty years by that time. Forty. I wrote and sold quite a bit; to magazines, newspapers as a freelance reporter and columnist, wrote books that hadn’t sold (yet), advertising, feature stories, brochures, newsletters, essays, radio and TV spots, you name it. I’d write solid for a year or two and quit for three.  Write for another year, quit for two. At one point I hadn’t written anything for five years. The ache was always there, but there was…. life.  Husband, three amazing talented children, full-time corporate job, church, home, cars, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, choir, orchestra, dogs, hermit crabs. And it was wonderful! Wouldn’t trade a second of it for a million best sellers. I was busy and the dream sat and waited not always so patiently.   Until my wise son woke me up.  It took three months to take out one of the favorite books I’d written and polish it up, sign up for an Ed2Go class with Eva Shaw and sell my first book. Three months.  After dreaming for forty years. Dreams deferred? Not anymore.    
It’s a fact. Goals take dreams to where they’ve always wanted to go.  Ask my son, the expert.
Speaking of dreams and goals, check out Hailey and Jack’s in Broken Wings, Soaring Hearts:
Hailey Holman is a woman determined to keep her dad’s memory and his dream of reopening their small-town Texas base station alive.
Jack Stinson is looking for a peaceful place to escape the rat race of the big city life and big city business of his own family’s airplane manufacturing business.
What a perfect match. Other than the fact that her mom hates the flying business with a passion and fights Hailey’s every effort, and Jack’s dad fought his every effort to make the break, then disowned him for leaving. Throw in two town bullies who insist on opening a base station of their own and reeking havoc on Hailey’s plans and her own determinatio not to get personally involved with the employees, and it’s anything but smooth sailing.
But these two focused pilots might just be surprised how things can work out with enough stubbornness … and faith.
Buy Broken Wings, Soaring Heats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ITunes, or the Crimson Romance website


  1. Hi Beverly!
    I loved your story. I love that you were a fulfilled mom, wife, employed active woman before you got wise about your goals. I love that your book sounds absolutely wonderful--I was on the edge of my seat the instant you mentioned the town bullies!

    I, too, waited thirty years to get serious about my novels. Did the journalism thing and wrote some short stories. I wouldn't trade a moment either, but now I'm learning to go after my goals and not just hope they happen in my spare time. Thanks for the great push in that direction.

    Best of luck to you--can't wait to read "Broken Wings, Soaring Hearts."

    1. Beverly A. RogersJuly 9, 2013 at 8:09 PM

      Lizbeth! Thank you so much! We have a lot of stories to tell, don't we! I hope you'll let me know how you like Broken Wings, Soaring Hearts. Let's not ever let our goals die. Best of luck to you, too and I'm going to look for your writing!

  2. You have a brilliant son! Goals get you a lot farther than dreams on their own! :)

    1. Beverly A. RogersJuly 9, 2013 at 9:49 PM

      Yes, they sure do, Jemi! And yes, he is! :) Thank you for your comment! All the best to you!


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