Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kiss Me, Katie

Congratulations to "Deanna G." the winner in Monica's giveaway! Thank you to everyone who participated.

I’m thrilled to join Just Contemporary Romance during its debut month!  Thank you so much for having me!  As a debut author with a brand new contemporary romance on cyber shelves this month, this is a sweet opportunity for me.

We live in a culture of celebrity worship, don’t we?  We’re obsessed with pictures, videos, news, anything we can find about our favorite celebrities (and some we don’t even like), but few of us actually know these people.  Some fans will go to great lengths to meet their favorites, fantasizing about a future and a real life with a person they really know very little about.

I often wonder what it’s like for that person, day in and day out, with so many people trying to get that moment with him.  That’s why I wrote Kiss Me, Katie.  In it, we have an up and coming fiddler, Katie, in a country band that’s experiencing their first taste of success.  The band joins the very famous (and extremely handsome) Blake Jackson on his summer tour, and sparks fly between him and Katie.  Unfortunately, life on the road is tough on a relationship, and their tour buses are going in opposite directions as soon as her band’s shows end.  Blake can date any woman he wants.  He’s tired of meeting women who are more interested in what he thinks of as “The Blake Jackson Experience” than in him.  He never has a real relationship with anyone, because everyone sees him as his image.  I imagine that’s what a lot of famous people experience, the feeling of everyone wanting a piece of you but nobody getting to know you for real.

He falls for Katie, our young fiddler, because she wants to know him, all of him, and won’t settle for a spot as his accessory.  Katie has her own satisfying life but she loves Blake as a man, not as a celebrity.  He finds himself challenged by her in ways that nobody else has ever bothered, and that sticks with him. 

I think that most of us would probably hate living the life of a celebrity, with the lack of privacy and the crazy people, but we can entertain the fantasy.  Even more exciting, we can entertain the fantasy of a huge celebrity falling in love with us.  Real love is exhilarating and blissful because we’ve been chosen.  Chosen by someone to be their one and only.  Being chosen by a celebrity just adds to the excitement, because that someone could have anybody. 

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What do you think?  Would you enjoy having a celebrity for your special someone or is it just a fun fantasy?  Who are your favorites? 

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  1. Just a fantasy, I think, for all the reasons you mentioned, Monica. Unless it really *does* involve Bradley Cooper. lol!

    Congrats on your book - I loved Kiss Me, Katie...wish you the BEST of luck!

  2. This book sounds awesomesauce! Congrats to you on your debut!!!

    In theory I'd like to date a celebrity. Henry Cavill perhaps... But I think I would pretty much DESPISE the lack of privacy. So in the end, maybe not. Although, if Henry Cavill asked me on a date, not gonna lie - heck yeah, I'd go!


  3. I think I may be too private for that sort of relationship to work long for me (says the romance writer who regularly tells the internet all her business).

    I always tell people I want to be rich, but not famous.

  4. I tend to think the average celebrity is very protective of privacy--well, as much as can be accomplished when one is famous--so being in a relationship with someone like that wouldn't be too bad. Being with someone who's obsessed with their own fame would be a totally different story. I couldn't handle that, having my life purposely put on display. There's no fun in that. :)

    Kiss Me, Katie is a wonderful book, Monica. Best of luck to you!


  5. I'm such a private person, I could never fathom being in the spotlight. Although, I wouldn't mind getting a few celebrities attention (ahem -- Ryan Gosling --) LOL!Can't wait to read this!

  6. Hmm. I've never been the type to idolize anyone, so I'm not into a relationship with someone famous. I wouldn't want to be in the spotlight. Now I must admit that the fancy house and the money does appeal to me. Wink, wink. Your book sounds great, Monica. Love the cover, too!

  7. I think the novelty would wear off pretty quickly after a while. So in some respects I'd like it but only for a short while.

  8. Great post!! Book sounds awesome!! I'm a private person too and don't think I could live in the spotlight. I enjoy writing in my PJs on some days and don't want the world to see me :)

    But, if I could do it for just a day I'd love to be with Jensen Ackles!

    jennyrlowery at yahoo dot com

  9. Like most everybody else here, I'm too private to want to be the center of any media attention. But a little fantasy now and then is fun...I've been reading great reviews of Kiss Me, Katie all over the net. Sounds great!

  10. Just finished this and LOVED it! The last scene in the book...not I'm not going to give it away, but mmmwah! Perfection!

  11. These celebrities are all very good looking, but I wouldn't want their life and neither would I want to be the Mrs. Often, when I think I've "fallen" for an actor on a TV show or movie I become aware of the fact that it's the character he plays I've truly fallen for, the detective that won't rest until he brings the rapist to justice, or the paramedic who is compelled to rescue people. The actors step into these real-life hero roles and put a good face on it. But their "reel" life is not something compelling or attractive to me in the least. Great post, Monica. Kiss Me Katie sounds like a great read.

  12. I'm very private, so definitely a fantasy, but what a fun one. My favorites? Richard Armitage of course. Viggo Mortensen. I could go on, but I'll stop there. :)

    Sounds like a great read!

  13. I so have to have this book!!!

  14. Sounds like a winner--especially with my fixation on country music! Loved the post!

  15. The book sounds like a winner, and the new website is fabulous. As for the question, I'd like to be rich, but you can keep the famous. I do too many stupid things just walking from the house to the car, and I'd hate to have someone trailing me with a camera, catching it all on film.

  16. If it's Joe Manganiello, I say bring it on! My husband will understand. ;)


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