Saturday, June 8, 2013

Do You Want A Piece Of Me?

I was having a conversation with an author friend recently and we mentioned the number of times we’re asked how much of our books relate to our own experiences. It happens all the time. I’m sure if I wrote erotica, I’d be asked even more often whether the sex scenes come from my own history of steamy moments! Not!
It’s fiction, people!
My  books are packed with far more action and drama and adventure than is ever likely to happen to me. I’m too busy writing, working and bringing up my kids to get in the type of trouble my characters get up to.
What I think is far more likely is that authors bury bits of truth, little tit-bits of themselves in their pages.
These are some of mine.
In His Brand Of Beautiful, my hero Tate thinks he’ll never find a girl who shares his
passion for the wild and secret places of Outback Australia.Tate thinks most girls would rather stay in the comforts of civilization with its lipsticks and powerpoints and hair-straighteners.
In the book, there is a scene where Tate recalls the last girl he brought on a camping expedition in the Outback. It didn’t end well.
“The weekend he’d taken Lila camping in the Flinders, she’d been attacked by sandflies and ended up at Hawker hospital on a diet of anti-histamine and hysterics.”
Yep. True story. In 1999 my husband and I drove around Australia in our Mitsubishi Pajero and we camped for some time on the Oodnadatta Track. (Google it if you’re not in Australia... it really is in the middle of nowhere). I got hammered by sandflies on that trip and I did end up in Hawker hospital, huge welts all over my face and neck. Not pretty!
Here’s another one. Until this year (when Escape Publishing sent all its authors an umbrella on Valentina’s Day) I never owned an umbrella. I worked that line into His Brand Of Beautiful too.
“A pair of pointed black shoes planted on wet road. Long, suit-clad legs followed and the rest of his body unfurled from the driver’s door, a thick wedge of briefcase last to exit. Christina wondered if he’d remembered an umbrella. Then again, maybe he was like her — didn’t own one and just took the chance.”
In my new contemporary romance novella, The Goodbye Ride, there is a scene where the hero, Owen, plays guitar to the heroine, Olivia. My husband plays good guitar (although he would never tell you that himself). At the moment he is perfecting one particular song that I give way in the book.

“Owen’s grip on the beautiful instrument was relaxed, yet strong and sure. Head bowed, brow furrowed in concentration, it gave her a chance to really study him. His fingers flew over the strings and he didn’t miss a note.
Watching him, a thrill shivered across the skin at the nape of her neck. She couldn’t help but imagine those skilled fingers plucking at her own body, treating her like he did those frets and strings.
“House Of The Rising Sun,” she said when he finished, the notes lingering in the air between them like smoke.”
I am sure you’ll find I’m not the only author that sprinkles slivers of herself in her characters and her novels. Next time you read your favourite books, maybe you’ll think about what is truth, and what is fiction? I am certain it won’t be the parts that you might have thought.
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  1. Umbrellas? Surely Escape could have done something more 'escapee' - like a ten day escape cruise? ;) I love your humour, Lily.

    1. Thanks for finding me here Jenn... tho I hear I did leave a very clear trail! In Escape's defence - it is a VERY nice umbrella!
      Lily M

  2. "The goodbye ride" was a lovely read!
    And I enjoyed todays post. Will have to check out that SA track you were talking about!

    1. Just keep the insect repellent handy Iris and don't put your head out of the tent uncovered after dark! Thanks for the comment about Goodbye Ride. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting.
      Lily M

  3. Great post, Lily.

    Poor you with the sandflies. I hate sandflies but love the Outback. :)

  4. Lily, you always make me smile :) A lovely post. Thoroughly enjoyed the Goodbye Ride! Working my way towards His Brand of Beautiful.

  5. It's dangerous to live in Florida during the summer and not own an umbrella. I own several. One for the car, one for the office, three in the house... It rains every day. There is no taking a chance.

    Thanks for the tidbits into your life.

  6. Thanks ladies for coming to visit. Thanks Just Contemporary Romance for hosting me. It's been a fun weekend hanging out here.
    Lily M


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