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Awesome Lady Friendships

With: Katee Robert

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One of my favorite things to read is books with awesome lady friendships. I’m all about the romance, of course, but there’s just something downright delightful about a heroine who’s got a bestie (or two, or three) in her corner that makes my heart happy. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to write the Hot in Hollywood duology—Cora and Brooklyn are the best!

To celebrate, I’m spotlighting five of my favorite fictional lady friendships (in no particular order):

     -       Gwen and Blayne from Shelly Laurenston’s Pride series. That series is full of awesome friendships and I highly recommend it across the board, but Gwen and Blayne are my favorites. They’re these badass shifters who are plumbers and are on a roller derby, and they have one-liners that I still think about and laugh. Just winning across the board.

     -       Pip, Thalia, and Felicity from Elizabeth Boyle’s The Bachelor Chronicles. This was one of the first romantic series that totally destroyed me and put me back together again. These ladies’ love for each other is the common thread through every one of the books as they each find their happily ever after with their heroes. These three books of The Bachelor Chronicles have become one of my comfort reads in the years since I first discovered them. 

     -       The Valkyries in Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series. One of my favorite things about the Valkyries (there are quite a few of her books that feature them as heroines) is that the don’t always like each other. They bicker and steal each other’s clothes and pull pranks that occasionally cross the line, but when push comes to shove, they have their sisters’ backs. And Nix is probably one of my favorite female characters pretty much ever!

     -       Amélie, Evangeline, and other Dommes in Kristen Ashley’s The Honey Series. I was initially drawn to this series because it features Dommes (lady dominants) and male submissives (alpha-subs, in this case). And WHEW. Not only are these books hotter than Hades, the Dommes have their own community where they support each other, occasionally offer each other much-needed kicks in the ass, and have a regular “book night” where they get together and bond. I love how the lady relationships are presented in these books, and I’m impatiently waiting for the third to release!
     -      Kate and Andrea in Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series. This is one of my all-time favorite series, and I love Kate and Andrea’s relationship because we get to see it develop throughout the series. They start as coworkers and end up as best friends who support each other even when their life choices take them apart. All that matters is their happiness, and that’s really awesome to read. I love them!

What about you? What are some of your books that feature awesome lady friendships?

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Once upon a time, Cora Landers was America’s Sweetheart and destined to be the Next Big Thing in Hollywood—but that was before her sex tape ruined her image and eliminated her contracts. These days, instead of being an A-lister, she’s divorce attorney to the A-listers. So when her ex—and fellow sex tape star—Jack shows up, needing her expertise, she wants nothing to do with it.

Jack McArthur might have costarred in that sex tape, but he didn’t share Cora’s fate—instead of tanking his career, the tape skyrocketed it. Now, as one of Hollywood’s most buzzed about new directors, Jack has everything to lose—especially when he wakes up after a friend’s bachelor party gone wrong to find that he’s apparently married a woman he’s never met before…and now can’t find. Desperate, he goes to the only person who he knows can help—Cora.

Cora reluctantly agrees to help Jack—both because he’s offering an absurd amount of money and because she loves seeing him as a disadvantage for once. Neither of them anticipate the very real problem of their being unable to keep their hands off each other—or that Jack’s accidental marriage might be anything but accidental. With both her heart and career on the line—again—Cora has to decide if she’s going to take the high road or leave Jack hanging in the wind the same way he left her twelve years ago.

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A private investigator might not be as glamorous as Brooklyn James had expected, but it pays the bills. Or at least it used to. In dire financial straits, she no longer has the luxury of saying no to jobs if she wants to pay her bills—which is how she ends up in a tree, spying on a billionaire who’s accused of dognapping. Not her finest moment.

Levi Turnbull made his fortune by creating tech that melds exercise with video games. It sounded great at the time, but now he’s got more money than he knows what to do with and he’s bored out of his mind waiting for the next game to launch. When he realizes a neighbor has been neglecting his dog, he takes matters into his own hands—by taking the dog. If he’s been trolling the neighbor ever since with hilarious fliers around the area… Well, he’s only human. When he finds a pretty redhead trespassing on his property in search of the missing dog, he sees the ultimate distraction until the launch.

Brooklyn initially agrees to a date in order to get close enough to Levi to find evidence of his dognapping—but that motivation gets complicated when they end up in bed together. She’s unable to resist his charm, and as they grow closer, Brooklyn can’t avoid the truth—not only did Levi steal a million dollar dog…he’s in danger of stealing her heart, too.

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About Katee Robert
New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa’s knee. Her 2015 title, The Marriage Contract, was a RITA finalist, and RT Book Reviews named it 'a compulsively readable book with just the right amount of suspense and tension."  When not writing sexy contemporary and romantic suspense, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her children, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. 

Connect with Katee at: Website | Facebook | Twitter| GoodReads | Instagram

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Romance with a little kick…on Sale!

With: Maria K. Alexander

What’s a girl to do when she’s attacked in her café and the only thing she has as a weapon is a cake carrier? If you’re Vicky DiFrancesco from Forever in My Heart, you’ll use it to bash your assailant in the head and then smash the cake in his face. Sure, it was a sad waste of the remainder of a fabulously good Italian Cream Cake, but it sent the bad guy scurrying away.

And how about when faced with a junkie holding a knife? If you’re Ashley O’Neil from Awaken My Heart, you’ll wait for an opportunity and then swing a bag of baby formula cans between his legs and then kick the knife out of his hand. Not the most elegant self-defense move, but it got the job done.

Vicky and Ashley are two of the heroines from my award-winning Tangled Hearts series and as you can tell, they know how to take care of themselves. In this series, you’ll find a little bit of comedy, a dash of suspense, along with family traditions in contemporary romances where love, family and friendship unite.

For a limited time, both Forever in My Heart and Awaken My Heart are on sale for $2.99.

Forever in My Heart:

Vicky DiFrancesco is ready to put the past behind her. After a humiliating divorce, she’s determined to make her new café a success. The last thing she needs is her first love around, reminding her of what they’d lost. But when her life is threatened, could he be the very man she needs?

Jamie DiSilva’s homecoming after retiring from the army isn’t the one he’d been hoping for. Now, he’s trying to start a home improvement business in a town settled on holding him accountable for the sins of his late brothers. Redeeming himself to the girl he never stopped loving and her family is difficult when his brothers’ secrets come back to haunt him.

Untangling themselves from the past means righting several wrongs and deciding if their love is meant to last forever.
On sale for $2.99 at:

Awaken My Heart:

Lies have a way of coming back to haunt you—a lesson Ashley O’Neil learns the hard way when she runs into the man she shared a steamy night with over fourteen years ago. Now tangled in a web of deception, she’ll need to right a wrong and chance losing her heart to the very man she deceived.

An unexpected encounter with the woman he had a one-night stand with has thrown Detective Nick DiFrancesco for a loop. Recently divorced, he’s cautious around women, but one look at Ashley has him considering taking a chance. Until he learns her secret…one that impacts him where it counts most—family.

When Nick’s drug trafficking case goes south, a lead puts him in Ashley’s path. With his family in danger and his heart on the line, he’ll need to fight for justice and risk it all to the woman he’s never forgotten.

On sale for $2.99 at:

About the Author

Maria K. Alexander is an award-winning author of contemporary romance. When not writing, Maria loves to read, bake, downhill ski, visit the beach, and watch romantic comedies. Maria lives in New Jersey with her husband and children, and writes in her “spare” time between juggling a full-time job and her kids’ busy schedules.

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All I Want For Halloween

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Dressed up and anonymous, Sadie Liberato feels powerful, sexy and free. Where better to lose herself than a masked party?

Gear Blackstone’s cheating ex and scheming best friend have managed to spin his life into a serious downward spiral. At least with a mask on he can cut loose for one night. And cut loose he does—with the sexiest, snarkiest chick he’s ever met.

After a scorching-hot encounter, Sadie and Gear are desperate to find each other in real life. But can the heat last when the masks come off?

Caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, MARIE HARTE is a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she’s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after. Visit and fall in love.


A large, muscular man with tattoos, ear gauges, and a Mohawk standing inside the foyer bro-hugged Elliot, gave Sadie a refreshing once-over to let her know she was indeed a woman, and then let them continue inside.

The music grew louder the farther they walked into the party. But not so loud Sadie couldn’t hear Elliot’s apparent shock. Or rather, his continued shock.

“I have no words.” Elliot stared at her as if Sadie had grown two heads.

“You keep saying that…which is kind of ironic, don’t you think?”

“Just…no words.”

She sighed. “What?”

“You’re…hot. I mean, really sexy in that getup. Ew, I think I threw up in my mouth a little.” Elliot pretended to gag. Dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, her brother looked magnificent. The half mask he wore emphasized the vivid green of his eyes and the square line of his jaw. But now, inside and adjusting to the festivities, Sadie saw more beautiful people, making Elliot appear almost normal.

“You know, I can look good when I put my mind to it.”

“I see that.” He smiled.

She glanced around at men and women in costumes a lot more revealing than hers. She’d been annoyed enough that she’d decided to go as a warrior princess, complete with a fake sword she considered using on her brother. Sadie’s costume showed a lot of skin but kept the important parts covered. Nothing less than what she wore at the gym, to be honest. A short skirt of fake leather and a matching halter top that bared a good bit of her toned stomach, complete with a scabbard at her back. Fake-gold armbands tightened around her biceps, while quality leather boots with tufts of faux fur around the tops looked authentic enough to be part of the costume. In reality she’d borrowed them from Rose.

Sadie had left her hair long with a single braid on each side of her face, and she’d darkened her eyes and lips with black makeup. A few fake war-paint lines under her eyes and across her cheeks apparently made her look authentically man-eating—or so the drunk guy brushing by her thought out loud.

Not bad. If he hadn’t been so sloshed, she might have considered trying him on for size. She had a leather satchel belted to her waist containing some money, a few condoms, and her phone.

“Oh my God. Is that who I think it is?” Elliot dragged her around the packed dance floor and up a half level toward the rear of the home leading out into the patio, where the crowd was thin enough to see a small gathering under bright lights. Space heaters and tall tables had been placed around a slate-slabbed yard, while strategically placed minibars provided drinks.

“Who are you talking about?” She rubbed her arms, feeling the chill before Elliot squeezed them in next to two couples by a space heater. Before she could ask again, her brother shushed her.

To the small group near them, he asked in a low voice, “Is that Gear in the Joker costume? And B-Man with Sahara?”

“Yeah” came a low reply from one of the men. “See the camera guy standing just behind the tall Batman? And the other one, the lighting guy there, is wearing scrubs, but he’s no doctor. Dude is working to keep the lights on in this clusterfu—”

“Foley,” the redhead next to him chastened.

“Come on, Cyn. This ain’t the place for reality TV. I just wanna party.”

Sadie glanced at the guy and blinked. The large man had dark hair, a muscular build—the way she liked them—and amazing gray eyes. Dressed as a sexy cop, he exuded menace more than law and order. Très sexy. Before Sadie could close her mouth, Cyn, the stunning redhead wearing an orange prisoner jumpsuit that clung to her curves, whispered something into his ear. He chuckled, and Sadie turned away, knowing she could never compete with a woman that pretty. Not that she’d ever try to break up a relationship, but with that woman, she’d stand no chance.

“Look, Sadie,” Elliot whispered with excitement. “It’s the guys from Motorcycle Madnezz.”

“Oh, right. Birdman and Glock.”

“B-man and Gear,” he growled.

“Whatever.” She wanted to turn away, but their dialogue sucked her in.

Gear, the bodybuilder mechanic  from the TV show, wore white makeup and a green wig, and had a Joker grin painted in red over his lips, making him seem both perpetually smiling and sneering at the same time. The purple pin-striped suit he wore seemed painted onto his larger-than-life body. He looks damn good was all  she could think, wondering when she’d become so desperate that now maniacal clowns turned her on.

“Jesus, he shaved off his beard.” Elliot fanned himself. “I’m in lust.”

“I know.” Cyn sounded in awe until her boyfriend grunted. “I mean, I’m surprised about the beard.” She coughed. “It’s so sad they broke up, isn’t it, Foley? Gear and Sahara were perfect for each other.”

He shrugged. “Too bad about the show. They sure made some killer bikes.”

Next to them, another guy agreed while his girlfriend called Gear some unflattering names. Her boyfriend started to argue with her, defending the mechanic.

“People, we’re getting ready to roll.” A man holding a large mic over the TV combatants glared at the onlookers. “Quiet.”

The growing crowd around Sadie and Elliot grew silent.

Elliot gripped Sadie’s hand. “They’re starting. Oh my God. Best. Night. Ever.

Illuminated and surrounded by heat lamps, standing across from each other with the mediator seated on a barstool between them, the three leads of Motorcycle Madnezz—Gear as the Joker, with B-Man and Sahara as Adam and Eve—faced off.

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Breakup in a Small Town – Playlist

Breaking up is hard to do. Actually, I think staying broken up is harder, but apparently no songwriters agree…or maybe the angst from actually breaking up is simply easier to write about than the jubilation of a second chance. Who knows? Whatever the case, as I was writing Breakup in a Small Town, I found a host of songs about breaking up…and very few about getting back together. 

Of course, I didn’t let that stop me because a reunion is, at it’s heart, a love story, and there are a plethora of songs about falling in love! 

If you follow me on social media at all, you already know that music is at the heart of my life, and making playlists for my books is a chore that is so much fun I really can’t call it a chore at all! In fact, I’ve used ‘create a playlist’ as the carrot dangling from the end of the daily-wordcount-stick too many times to count! 

So let’s get right into the playlist for Breakup in a Small Town, why don’t we? 

Here are a few of the songs that made it onto the Slippery Rock series playlist:

Flyover States by Jason Aldean
My Town by Montgomery Gentry
Automatic by Miranda Lambert
Small Town by John Mellencamp

All of these songs speak to me about home – about the bonds we make before we’re out of our teens. To me, those are some of the strongest bonds we ever make in our lives. They are the bonds that call us back, the bonds that we may try to re-create as adults. 

Here are a few of the songs that made it onto the Breakup in a Small Town playlist: 

I Could Use A Love Song by Maren Morris – Maren has become a quick favorite of mine over the past year or so – I adore her vocals, and the way she can evoke pain and heartache or joy and excitement with only her voice. This song, in particular, struck me as perfect for Jenny. From long before the book started, she had been feeling a bit neglected but more than that, lost. She’d lost who she was in the process of making a family with Adam. By the time the story starts, she isn’t sure what she wants, but she knows she wants something else…and this song just took me right there. 

Wanna be that Song by Brett Eldredge – This song was Adam’s song from the moment I started writing the book. Even in the beginning, when he’s trying to convince himself that his family is better off without him, what he wants is to be the man Jenny wants. The problem is he doesn’t think he deserves to be that man…and helping him find the man she fell in love with – and helping that man grow up a little! – was so much fun!

Breakup in a Small Town by Sam Hunt – this one, of course!, had to make it onto the playlist. I mean, how could I title the book what I did and not include this song? Plus, it’s very much where Adam and Jenny both are. They’re trying to let go, but are unable to do it.

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line – This is just a fun song that fit the characters so well. I grew up in a small town, and a lot of our date nights were spent cruising a little strip of road, talking in parking lots, and grabbing an ice cream at the Dairy Queen. This song makes me feel all of that all over again, every time I turn it on.

I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice – Oh, I love this song so hard! And it was perfect for Jenny and Adam, because a lot of their journey back to each other is learning to bend, learning to enjoy the things that their partner enjoys…even if they never thought they could enjoy those things. That is what is at the heart of this song, which is just perfect for a reunion romance, don’t you think?

And here are a few more songs that brought Slippery Rock, Adam, and Jenny to life as I was writing:

Yours If You Want It by Rascall Flats
Greatest Love Song by Lanco
Girl in a Country Song by Maddie and Tae
Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney
Tattoos on this Town by Jason Aldean

Do you have a favorite breakup (or make up) song? Share in the comments!

Breakup in a Small Town
Slippery Rock, Book 3

This isn't the man she married… 

Jenny Buchanan never considered what "for better or for worse" meant when she married Adam Buchanan at nineteen. Six years and two little boys later, "for worse" arrives in the form of a tornado that ravages Slippery Rock and injures Adam. Now he's a stranger to his family…and love won't be enough to bring him back. 

Only when Jenny asks him to move out does Adam become the husband she needs…but Adam isn't the only one who's changed. As their attraction sparks back to life, Jenny and Adam must learn what it is to grow up—and grow together—before this small-town breakup lasts forever.


With the oversize can out of the way, Jenny grabbed the umbrella from the corner. “I’ll just take this around,” she said, and turned.

“Oof!” Adam staggered back. The umbrella clattered to the floor, and he doubled over.

“Oh, my God,” Jenny said, rushing to him. She put her arms around his shoulders. “Are you okay? I’m so sorry.”

He took in a long, slow breath. “I’m…fine,” he said, still breathing heavily. “You pack a punch with that umbrella.” He chuckled.

“Well, you were kind of in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“I should have remembered that from other times your parents came over for a Sunday barbecue.” He straightened, and she saw that his clear gaze was filled with laughter, not pain. The squeezing in her chest lightened. He was okay.

“I should have been paying more attention,” she admitted.

“I should have ducked. My reflexes are a little slower than I remember.” But he didn’t seem upset by that fact. A few weeks ago, slower reflexes might have sent him into a days-long funk. He put his arm around her shoulders. “I’m okay, Jenny.”

“I know.”

“If a tornado can’t break me by collapsing a building on my head, you’re not going to do it with an umbrella.”

It was the first time he’d ever made a joke about what had happened to him. That had to mean something. Didn’t it?

“I guess not.” Jenny wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest. He was still Adam. His body felt the same. That smile looked the same. She inhaled. He still used the same soap that made her nose tickle. “You’re still here,” she said, meaning the words to be a whisper.

His arms came around her waist. “I’m still here, Jen.”

Author Bio:
Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police--no, she wasn't a troublemaker, she was a journalist. Her career took her all over the United States, writing about everything from a serial killer's capture to the National Finals Rodeo. Along the way, she found her very own Knight in Shining Cowboy Boots and an abiding love for romance novels. And just like the characters from her favorite books, she's living her own happily ever after.
Kristina writes sassy contemporary romance novels; her books have appeared on Kindle Best Seller Lists. She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line!

Author Links:

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Baby Daddy Romance

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There seems to be something in the water in Romancelandia. In the past few months, there have been a lot of babies—not the authors—just the heroines. Some of them are like the romances of old that revolved around an accidental pregnancy that just happened to end in a love match. And some of these expectant moms believe they’ll never meet the right guy to go the distance, but they want the baby anyway. All of these heroines, despite their best efforts, end up falling in the love with the father of their baby. 

I have a theory: romance babies are popular because it takes an intense time, full of conflict, and throws in an additional monkey wrench—love. 

When writing Carla’s story, I knew I had to give the youngest of the Hernandez siblings, a really compelling hero after her fiancé had dumped her unceremoniously at the end of Dusk Until Dawn. Jonah came to me when I was trying to think of someone who was the polar opposite of Carla’s ex-fiance, Geoff. And, since Geoff was a schlubby accountant, I naturally thought of a Jason Momoa-type pouty man bear who Carla couldn’t push around. And, I wanted him to be able to give Carla something that she wanted, but wouldn’t think that she would be able to have now that she was single. 

And he did—he gave her a baby. Jonah has his own apprehensions about having a family of his own. But after meeting Carla and spending the night with her, those fears become much less important than his baby and his baby’s unexpectedly charming mother. And, even though Carla suffered a great deal the disappointment of a broken engagement, she’s excited to become a mother. Jonah just has to convince her that keeping him around isn’t just practical, it’s the best decision she’ll ever make. 


One Mistake

Carla Hernandez needs to drop off the glamorous Miami grid. Her aunt's house in Havana seems the perfect place to get over being dumped by her fiancé—and figure out why she keeps messing up her life. But photojournalist Jonah Kane’s unexpected presence is one sizzling mistake she’s hungry to make.  

 One Temptation

Jonah thought his favorite Cuban refuge would help him get some badly-needed peace. Still, he’s ridden out way worse than the tropical storm trapping him with Carla. And he’s going to handle this spoiled little princess on his own dominant, seductive terms just until the storm is over. Too bad this sexy wild card only makes him only want more. And more . . .

No Restraints 

Now Carla’s back home—but not quite alone. When her baby is born, she’s going to raise it on her own, no matter how much she still burns for Jonah. But Jonah can’t get over her irrepressible spirit or the passion they shared. And trying to walk away is only making things too hot to resist . . .

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Carla’s skin was melting. Her cotton romper clung to her melty mess of a body in the heat of August in Cuba. Rivers of mascara ran down her face, and she would shank someone for an afternoon in air-conditioning with a stack of fashion magazines.
I just thought being with a redheaded Cuban girl would be more exciting.
Her ex-fiancé’s words echoed in her head for the millionth time since he dumped her and asked for the ring back. She hadn’t thought an accountant’s wife needed to be exciting, but what the fuck did she know about anything anymore?
She smiled at the driver, probably a guy from Tia Lola’s street. He’d picked her up at the airport to bring her to the family home. Lola’s house was a couple of blocks off the stately, crumbling facades along the Malecón. When he’d put her bag in the trunk, she’d tipped him with American money; she’d seen her father do it the last time they’d visited. She clutched her shoulder bag, remembering exactly how much money she had in there. She didn’t usually carry around thousands of dollars in cash.
When the car had pulled up to her aunt’s house, she tried to give the driver more money. In a few words of rapid Spanish, he refused her and smiled. She grabbed her suitcase out of the trunk, took a deep breath, and walked up to the door.
Even though the exterior needed a whole mess of masonry work, the colonial mansion was still impressive. Carla wasn’t sure how it had stayed in the family. She knew that her father’s aunt ran a casa particulare. She rented out some of the bedrooms to tourists for more money than anyone in Cuba could afford, but she wasn’t sure how that was enough to keep the place up—especially since Americans hadn’t been able to come here for fun for almost half a century.
That was changing, and Carla was here to help turn her aunt’s house into a boutique hotel so that her tia could retire and so that her family’s home could sustain itself.
When she knocked, she was expecting her sixty-something-year-old great aunt to open the massive, carved, wooden door. Instead, a giant stood on the threshold. A bare-chested giant with biceps the size of her head. Her mouth popped open—and went dry to be perfectly honest. She made the mistake of looking down, hoping for more clothing. What she found were thighs, just massive thighs, encased in black boxer briefs.
She was going to find her words, eventually. Right now, she just needed a minute. Her clothes felt even stickier on her body, her makeup more melty, and before she humiliated herself by muttering something like thiiiighs, she looked up at his face. That didn’t make the humidity situation with respect to her panties any better because he had the most perfect face. And the most perfect smirk to go with the most perfect face she’d ever seen. And to go along with the perfect brown skin and the—gah—muscles. The only thing not perfect about him was the scar that bisected one of his dark eyebrows and the furrow between said eyebrows.
“Seen enough, princess?” The giant’s voice resonated to her very marrow, and she nearly shivered with the desire to climb him like a tree. She barely registered that he spoke English with an American accent. She didn’t even take exception to the fact that he’d called her “princess.” That should hit a sore spot, but she wasn’t about to let it. Now that she was single, she needed to store this kind of thing up for her spank-bank.
But she knew it was probably better if she said something sooner or later. Before that drool started from the corner of her mouth and after memorizing the pattern of his chest hair. “Who are you?”
“Who the fuck are you?” He reared back a bit and seemed to pull air with him. That’s the only way she could explain following him into the foyer, pushing past his big body without spending too much time trying to cop a feel. Indeed, who the fuck was she, trying to cop a feel of an angry giant? It might be time to admit that she was beyond needing spank-bank material and right in the neighborhood of need-to-get-laid-right-now.
“Where’s Tia Lola?”
“You mean Señora Hernandez?”
“Do you ever answer questions without questions?”
“Only when I get my questions answered, princess.”
“Stop calling me that.”
“Answer my questions.”
She’d had about enough of his bullshit, but she surmised that the best way to get her questions answered was to give him what he wanted. “Okay. No, I haven’t seen enough because I’ve been sleeping with the same guy for three years, and he doesn’t look nearly as good as you in boxer briefs. Or at least he didn’t before he dumped me.” It felt so good to say exactly what was on her mind. With Geoff, she’d always had to watch her words. She took a breath, and continued while he still looked taken aback. “I’m Carla Hernandez. Lola Hernandez is my father’s aunt. I’m here to bring her—something.” She felt like a drug dealer carrying around this much money, but it was impossible to transfer American money to Lola’s bank account in Cuba.  She didn’t want to say money, because while the giant appeared to be benevolent and had certainly made himself at home here, she couldn’t be sure. “Now, who are you?”
“Jonah Kane.” Of course he had to have a name that sounded like he looked. He appeared to be wearing boulders under his skin. Of course his name would be hard, like rock. “I’m here working on a book, and I’m renting a room here.”
“You’re a writer?” she asked, surprised. “I know some writers have crazy rituals to make sure things get done, but leaving the U.S. just to get away from reliable Internet seems extreme.”
“I’m a photojournalist.”
That piqued her interest, but it seemed past due for him to put his pants on. For one thing, his body was going to give her a heatstroke-related seizure if she was exposed to it any longer. He was so hot it was starting to make her mad. For another thing, she could feel his judgmental glare and didn’t like the way he said princess—it was an insult disguised as an endearment, and she didn’t need that.
“Can you please go put some pants on?”
He leaned one hand on the bannister of the stairway leading to the bedrooms, with a sexy, cocky half-smile on his face. “Why? I thought you were getting a great show?”
Carla wasn’t going to rise to the bait of a jerk like that. She’d grown up with two of them—both her father and brother were a handful—so she just pointed upstairs. “Pants now, unbearable ego later.”

Author Bio:
USA Today Bestselling author Andie J. Christopher writes edgy, funny, sexy contemporary romance. She grew up in a family of voracious readers, and picked up her first Harlequin Romance novel at age twelve when she’d finished reading everything else in her grandmother’s house. It was love at first read. It wasn’t too long before she started writing her own stories — her first heroine drank Campari and wore a lot of Esprit.

Although, she set aside writing fiction for a while, her love of romance novels stayed with her through college, law school, and multiple cross-country moves. During one long East Coast winter, she decided writing a book would be a good excuse to avoid braving the elements. It was love at first write. Her heroes are dirty-talking alphas, and her heroines traded Esprit for Free People. (None of them would turn down a Campari, though.)

You can visit her online at the following places: Website Facebook | Twitter Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub | Instagram | Pinterest

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