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In This Life

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IN THIS LIFE is about finding love in faraway places, and really explores the topic of fate and whether or not there is truly one person who people are meant to be with. It just got optioned to be made into a movie by Adrian Bellani and Emmanuelle Chriqui.


Secrets ruin lives, and lies protect those secrets…

Wanting to escape her life in New York City before starting medical school in the fall, Anna Dillon convinces her best friend Dante to travel with her to Thailand on a medical mission. While volunteering in a coastal village recently ravaged by a tsunami, Anna meets Jude Grayson. They share an instant attraction that leads to a brief, passionate affair. When she has to rush home for a family emergency, he promises to stay in touch.

But Jude never calls, and Anna tries desperately to forget him.

Five years pass, and Anna finally moves on with Dante after giving up hope that Jude will ever return—until they come face to face again in a chance encounter. Reeling, Anna discovers the life-altering secret of why Jude never contacted her—and why they can’t be together. But the passion that ignited between them on an exotic beach years ago never died, making it impossible to stay away from each other.

And Dante? Anna discovers that the friend she grew to love—and trust—has a secret of his own.

Author Bio:
Christine Brae is a full time career woman who thought she could write a book about her life and then run away as far as possible from it. She never imagined that her words would touch the hearts of so many women with the same story to tell. Her second book, His Wounded Light was released in December, 2013.

Christine's third book, Insipid, is a standalone that was released in June, 2014, and her fourth book, In This Life is scheduled for release in January 2016. 

When not listening to the voices in her head or spending late nights at the office, Christine can be seen shopping for shoes and purses, running a half marathon or spending time with her husband and three children in Chicago.

Christine will be giving away a copy of IN THIS LIFE to one lucky person leaving a comment or email entry.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Do You Believe In Magic?

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Happy New Year! If you’re like me, January 1 represents a fresh start, a reset button on everything that you could have, should have done with the previous 365 days. All the glitter and sparkle on New Years’ Eve symbolizes the magic of closing the book on one chapter in life and placing the pen to a blank page of the next installment. Today, I want to talk about why we adore the fantastical adaptations and modernizations of classic fairy tales. 

When I recognize a Cinderella or a Beauty and the Beast theme in a book or a movie I don’t say to myself, “not again.” My reaction is quite the opposite. I pop some corn, pull out my comfortable throw, and settle into the recliner. Why?

Because I know this is going to be an epic tale that embodies all the child-like magic I hope to experience in my own life. Not necessarily birds who can sew a Vera Wang gown or a pumpkin that somehow grew a 12-cylinder engine to get me to the ball, but the idea that there’s a silver lining in an Express Mail package that has my name and address stenciled on the label.

Let’s face it, real life is laden with one challenge after another. Similar  to the first chapter in our favorite fairy tale, everyday begins with a flaxen-haired beauty with an angelic soprano belting out a melodic tune until a wicked witch comes along with a cart of poison apples and a few amphibian-morphing spells.

Similar to the prince and princess in fairyland, we must learn to forgive, to believe in ourselves, to trust others, and ultimately to love. Even when the problem appears insurmountable, as in life, the option to turn back rarely exists and we must persevere through adversity and conflict.

The seedling of innocence that remains unchanged with time is ever hopeful that good can conquer all evil, that there is magic in true love’s kiss, and the innocence of first love will be rewarded with our heart’s desire. In the end, we must boldly enter the sacrificial fire where our mettle is tested and we are found to be noble and worthy of a happy ending.
The real magic in fairy tales is that they give us hope that there’s still a touch of magic available to each of us no matter how impossible the journey may seem. I believe in magic, and… I hope you do, too.

CONCEALING FIRE is Book 2 in Siera London’s Fiery Fairy Tales series, a modern-day Little Red Riding Hood story.

Dallas Fire & Rescue firefighter, Kendall Raine goes out of her way to avoid male attention. She's focused on salvaging her career, and the temporary assignment to Key West's Historic District Firehouse is just the opportunity she's been waiting for. Unfortunately for Kendall, her hot as sin teammate threatens her focus and stokes an internal fire she thought long extinguished.

Firefighter and former Marine, Cutler Stevens sees beyond Kendall's disguise the moment he lays eyes on her. As a former Marine, his fighting days are behind him, but gut instinct tells him this woman could use a champion on her side. Cutler likes his life easy and his women uncomplicated, but attraction and curiosity spark a deep desire to uncover what Kendall is desperately trying to hide.

After a natural disaster forces them together, they surrender to the burning passion between them. Cutler knows one night with Kendall in his arms will never be enough, even if she won't admit it.

Just when Kendall accepts Cutler as a permanent part of her life, they are both tested when her past follows her to the southernmost point of the United States. How far will Cutler go when he discovers what Kendall is prepared to do to preserve her newfound freedom? Will their decisions protect their newfound love or unveil a secret that will consume them both?


His blond hair flowed in thick waves to just shy of his shoulders. It wasn't that uni-shade of blond from a bottle either, nope. His mane consisted of layered dark strands with golden ropes beneath sun-lightened waves. The ends were saturated with rainwater and she noticed the curl pattern had deepened. With those blue eyes, the body designed by a god, and the storm on the horizon, she half expected a trident to appear in his hand and the rain to obey his command. Definitely, Olympic God material.
Her breath hitched when he called her name. Unfortunately her brain was preoccupied with shoveling coal into her long dormant sexual furnace so Kendall didn’t stop her forward advance. She continued on the horny bunny train to X-ratedville until she slammed into his back. The air swooshed from her lungs. Her right foot slipped and she felt her knee buckle. In an effort to break her impending fall, she grabbed Cutler around the waist, plastering her front to his back. Dang, his ass was rock hard and she melted into his backside like butter on hot breakfast toast.
A muscled forearm came down over hers, locking her in place. The heat from his palm, broad and callused, warmed her wet skin.
He chuckled. “Grabby little thing, aren’t you.” For a moment they both stood still. “I like it.”
Her head rested on his back. Slowly, remnants of proper manners invaded her conscious thought and she moved to pull her arm free of his.
“It was an accident...sorry.” Seconds ticked by in silence. Would he accept her apology? People bumped into one another everyday, of course he would accept her apology. She realized the fantasy musings combined with an active imagination had her overreacting. So, why hadn't he said anything?
Cutler's fingers tightened on her arms and her skin started to sizzle at the added contact.
“You getting caught watching my ass or you hugging it?”
She was speechless. What kind of man brought up his assets with a woman he’d just met? Kendall swallowed her retort because...excitement fluttered her insides, not remorse.
“Which is it darlin’? Accidentally watching or accidentally hugging?”

Siera is giving away a digital copy of Chasing Flames; a Cinderella adaptation is Book 1 in the Fiery Fairy Tales series. Just follow my Amazon Author page and leave an answer to the question below. What is your favorite fairy tale?

About the Author:
Siera London is a #1 Amazon bestselling author of contemporary and romantic suspense. She’s a retired advanced practice nurse and served 22 years in the United States Navy. She writes stories about sizzling heroes, sassy heroines, and seat of your pants suspense. Siera lives in Florida with her husband, and a color patch tabby named Frie. 

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Worth The Wait

With: A.J. Pine

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In my latest release, WORTH THE WAIT, I really wanted to challenge my hero and heroine—and my readers. As a writer, one of the fun aspects of writing romance is seeing how many obstacles I can put in characters’ way before they make it to that happily ever after. Since this series is pretty steamy, I wanted to challenge myself. What if one of those obstacles was that my hero and heroine could not have sex? What if they couldn’t even kiss? What would falling in love be like without touching—and what would the touching be like when they were finally able to do it? From here was born the fictional self-help book that Grace, my heroine, follows throughout the story…Man Cleanse: Six Months To a Healthy, Happy You.

Three things I promise:
                  1.     Jeremy’s respect for Grace’s Man Cleanse yet undeniable
                  attraction to her provides much in the way of comic relief.   
                  2.     Grace and Jeremy are quite creative with the Man Cleanse
  3.   WORTH THE WAIT is definitely still a steamy book.

So, speaking of that comic relief, here is where Jeremy learns that while Grace is off limits to him for the time being, she’s not off limits to—herself.

“Who’s your tall drink of ginger ale? Thought you were off the man sauce. Or is that episode over? Because if not, tell me you’re keeping him around for when it is. And did you try the Pink Bullet we talked about last time, or are you still relying on the showerhead?”

Jeremy coughed. Grace maintained complete and utter composure despite the woman who must be her Realtor discussing, on the sidewalk, whether or not Grace masturbated.

“What?” the woman added. “Life is too short for mental filters. Say what you want or keep your mouth shut. You keep things bottled up inside, and you’re liable to explode.” She winked. “Yet another reason for the Pink Bullet.”

Grace blew out a long breath. “Lisa,” she said. “This is my friend, Jeremy. Jeremy,
Lisa’s the Realtor who, thankfully, has not leased this place out to anyone else, yet. We’ve known each other as long as I’ve been eyeing it, so she’s kind of privy to the whole cleanse situation.”

Lisa crossed her arms and gave Jeremy the once-over. “God, you two would make fantastic-looking children.” She shook her head. “What a waste. And no, for all the condos I sell, I cannot unload this property. It’s like it’s waiting for our Gracie here.”

He grinned at the sound of the nickname. He bet other people got to call her that, people who knew the real her—all of her. People with whom she spoke freely about her sex life—or lack thereof—and whether or not she pleasured herself.

He twitched inside his jeans. Traitor. But how could he blame himself? He was conjuring images of Grace touching herself in places that were off-limits to the entirety of the male species.

Friends, he reminded himself, then tried to drum up an antidote.

Nana bringing him cookies when he had the chicken pox as a child.

Nope. That just made him realize he was hungry for something other than kale and that he was still horny.

His ninth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Field. Shit. No. Wrong choice. She was actually kind of hot.

Nurse Elsa, the one who gave him the flu shot at his old pediatrician’s office. She had that mole above her lip with that lone hair growing out of it…Yes!

He glanced at his pants, feeling himself soften.

At ease, soldier.


I like to think of myself as a man of pleasure...
I enjoy a good pint of ale, being in the arms of a beautiful woman, and living by my own rules. The only thing I try to avoid? Commitment. And I’ve got a three-year success rate to prove it.
I wasn’t planning on Grace—the beautiful, funny, totally off-limits massage therapist who keeps popping up in my life. She’s on a six-month mission to rid her life of toxins. No alcohol. No red meat. And, yeah, no men. I’m talking full-on man cleanse.
I know I should walk away, but I can’t...and the only way to keep her in my life is to live by her rules. I’ll need to prove to a woman who’s lost all trust in men that I’m worthy of her love. And do it all without so much as a single kiss.
The only problem? If I win, I’ll lose the one thing I swore I’d never give up. My heart.

Each book in the Kingston Ale House series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. 

Series Order:
Book #1
The One That Got Away 
Book #2
Six Month Rule
Book #3
Three Simple Words

About the Author
AJ Pine writes stories to break readers’ hearts, but don’t worry—she’ll mend them with a happily ever after. As an English teacher and a librarian, AJ has always surrounded herself with books. All her favorites have one big commonality–romance. Naturally, the books she writes have the same. When she’s not writing, she’s of course reading. Then there’s online shopping (everything from groceries to shoes). And a tiny bit of TV where she nourishes her undying love of vampires, superheroes, and a certain high-functioning sociopath detective. You’ll also find her hanging with her family in the Chicago ‘burbs.

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Welcome to Wishing Bridge Farm

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Welcome to Wishing Bridge Farm where three sisters discover that love comes in very special ways.

Ever since I saw the movie, Bridges of Madison County I’ve been obsessed with covered bridges. There’s something quite otherworldly about them and of course in story telling, crossing a bridge is a bit like crossing a threshold into another world. But it wasn’t until I started my new series and wanted some kind of wishing well that I suddenly realized how perfectly a covered bridge would work.

What I like best about the idea of a wishing bridge isn’t that it has magical powers that automatically makes the impossible happen. Instead it’s a place where people can secretly say what’s in their heart or consider what their perfect world would look like.

I think there’s something quite special about admitting the truth, even if it is just to a covered bridge! What’s even better is for those people to realize that their wishes can definitely come true, even if it’s not quite the way they expected.

In Falling for the Best Man, wedding planner Emmy Watson just wants to stay at Wishing Bridge Farm where it’s safe, but by the end of the book she starts to question if she needs a farm to feel safe, or can that feeling come from somewhere or someone else. As for the hero, Christopher, he thinks his wish is kiss Emmy. A lot. But really it’s a lot deeper than that. He wishes to not turn out like his father. And of course I’d like to tell you that the bridge makes it all come true, but that would be telling!

I’d love to know if anyone has made a wish at a fountain, well or any other special place, and if that wish came true?

Amanda will be giving away two Ebook Copies of DATING THE GUY UPSTAIRS 

Falling for the Best Man
Sisters of the Wishing Bridge Farm #1
By: Amanda Ashby
Releasing: January 9, 2017
Entangled Bliss

What's worse than running into your ex-hookup at the airport? When said 'hookup" is the best man for the most important wedding of your career, and he's on the hunt for a fake girlfriend. Between a hysterical bride and a wedding party gone wild, wedding planner Emmy Watson can’t afford any more disasters if she wants to save her beloved Wishing Bridge Farm. Which is why she puts the best man on lockdown. Unfortunately, he also happens to be the one guy who can make her forget everything except the way his kisses make her feel.

All Christopher Henderson needs is a fake girlfriend to convince his bosses that his bad boy reputation is a thing of the past so he can land his dream job. What better place to find said companion than at a wholesome vintage wedding. The only thing he didn't count on was seeing Emmy, the woman who dumped him. The one he hasn’t been able to get off his mind.

There's no denying the spark between them, but he’s a globetrotter and she’s a homebody, and falling in love is something neither of them has in their plans.

Goodreads Link:

Author Info
Amanda Ashby was born in Australia but now lives in New Zealand where she writes romance, young adult and middle grade books. She also works in a library, owns far too many vintage tablecloths and likes to delight her family by constantly rearranging the furniture.

She has a degree in English and Journalism from the University of Queensland and is married with two children. Her debut book was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award, and her first young adult book was listed in the New York Public Library Stuff for the Teen Age.  Because she’s mysterious she also writes middle grade books under the name, Catherine Holt and hopes that all this writing won’t interfere with her Netflix schedule.

Author Links:  

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Blazing Hot Cowboy

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He’s all the heat she’ll ever need.

Lauren Sheridan’s return to Wildcat Bluff after the death of her husband is bittersweet. Thirteen years have passed since she set foot in the place that’s always held her heart…and the sizzling memories of her high school sweetheart. 

Kent Duval has it all. A proud rancher and volunteer firefighter in the small town of Wildcat Bluff, he’s missing only one thing from his life: passion. Kent last saw Lauren Sheridan when she was sweet sixteen and they were head-over-heels in love. Now she’s back, spunky daughter in tow, and he no longer knows which way is up. As the heat between them builds, Kent can’t help but wonder if past flames can be rekindled and second chances really do exist.

Kim Redford is an acclaimed author of Western romance
novels. She grew up in Texas with cowboys, cowgirls, horses, cattle, and rodeos for inspiration. She divides her time between homes in Texas and Oklahoma, where she’s a rescue cat wrangler and horseback rider—when she takes a break from her keyboard. Visit her at

Author Website:

Buy Links:


In Wildcat Bluff County, Texas . . .
Kent Duval joined other firefighters in front of a burning barn. He wasn’t wearing much firefighter gear, so he’d pump water and roll hose from the booster while another volunteer used the nozzle to wet a perimeter around the structure.
Streams of water hit the building and steam rose along with smoke as Kent and the other first responders fought to bring the blaze under control. Even so, the fire quickly expanded in size as it ate up oxygen. Soon the wooden barn was fully engaged and pumping smoke. Flames surged higher into the sky. They kept up the water barrage, beating back the blaze despite the orange-and-yellow flames spitting and licking and clawing to take back what was lost. Every fire had its own personality. This one reminded Kent of a dangerous wild bull.
And just when he thought they had the blaze contained, a piece of shake-shingle roof was ripped off by the wind and whipped across firefighter heads to land in the adjacent pasture. Flames immediately set the dry grass ablaze, and a line of fire headed straight for the nearby house at Twin Oaks.
“Watch my pump!” When Kent got a nod of understanding from another firefighter, he took off running, hoping he could stomp out the fire with his cowboy boots before it took hold and swept away from them.
He got ahead of the blaze, but the flames were quickly consuming the grass. He stomped hard, making a little headway, but he quickly realized he wasn’t able to do enough fast enough. And the other firefighters couldn’t leave the barn. He’d have to call for backup, but he feared the engine couldn’t get there in time.
      Just as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, he heard Lauren calling to him. He glanced up. She’d crossed the road, dragging a heavy fire extinguisher in each hand, up to the barbwire fence. He could’ve cheered because she might just have saved the day.
     He pocketed his cell, ran over to her, grabbed the canisters, and set them down on his side of the fence.
     “Hold up the barbwire and I’ll crawl under,” she said as she went down on her knees.

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It’s winter and it’s the holidays

Congratulations to "Ada", the winner in Shannyn's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

It’s winter and it’s the holidays, so lots of people love to read
holiday-themed stories.

Not me.

Although I love the holidays, I hate winter. This is pretty funny since
I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life. In looking at all of the books I’ve
written – 9 single titles and 6 novellas – only 3 novellas and 1 and a
half of the novels take place in the winter. I say half because it starts
in the tail end of winter and gets to spring.

For me, spring and summer are all about having fun and being outside. And
in truth, Chicago is a great city for outdoor fun. Since I hate winter,
I’m not hanging out outside in 20 degree weather.

My latest release, In Your Arms, takes place at the end of summer.
Everything I love about Chicago happens in the book. From a walk on the
beach to a neighborhood fest with food and dancing, it’s all about fun. So
while I’m staring out the window at yet more snow coming down, I can read
about Sean and Emma playing in the sun.

For just a little while, I can pretend the cold isn’t bearing down and the
snow isn’t piling up. I can imagine enjoying the heat of the summer.

How about you? What’s your favorite season? Do you long for summer or
burrow in to enjoy those holiday books?

Leave a comment for a chance to win a digital copy of my stand alone book, Between Love and Loyalty.

In Your Arms – excerpt

“Hey. Need some help?” He took only one small step closer. He looked her up and down and waited for a response.

“No. It’s a hole in my radiator hose.”

One eyebrow lifted. As if she shouldn’t be able to diagnose the problem. Men.

“Can I take a look?”

Emma waved her arms out. “Go ahead.” At least while he was under the hood, she’d have time to get her pepper spray and her phone.

Sitting on the edge of the driver’s seat with her feet tapping, she waited on hold with the auto club. Blue Eyes came closer to the door and cleared his throat. She glanced at him.

“You’re right. It’s the hose. Only a small hole, but it needs to be

No duh. “Thanks. I’m calling the auto club now for a tow.”

“Do you have a shop you want to get it to?”

“Wherever they tow me is where I’ll go.”

“If you want, I can do a temporary fix and take you to the shop I work at.

It’s only about a mile off the highway. It’ll save you towing fees and you
can get out of here now.”

She sighed as the easy-listening music played in her ear. Climbing from

the car, she said, “I already thought of that. My duct tape is missing
from my trunk.”

He laughed. “Something tells me I should be worried about a chick who

carries duct tape in her trunk.”

She suddenly realized how bad that sounded and laughed too. Nothing about

this day was going right. “I have it for emergencies, not to tie up my

He crossed his arms, causing his shirt to tighten on his biceps and

drawing her eye to a tattoo peeking out. He smiled and added, “Maybe I
should take your picture to let my friends know who I’m with in case I

Oh, man. He was cute. She didn’t want him to be cute.



Sean O'Malley has never tried to hide who he is. He shows it in the motorcycle thrumming between the legs of his tight jeans…the shaggy hair that falls in his gorgeous eyes…the wicked gleam in his smile when he asks Emma out for a drink. Sean is a rebel, a bad boy, and a ton of fun: exactly the kind of guy she's sworn off forever.

Emma isn't just the prim kindergarten teacher she appears to be. And somehow Sean can tell. As soon as he pulls up to her overheated car he knows that a fast bike and a cold beer will fix her rotten day better than compliments or a bubble bath. Her straitlaced exterior and her wild heart light him up. But Emma wants to escape her past and settle down—and if her desk jockey dates don't understand where she comes from, at least she doesn't worry about them bringing her back.

One weekend of intense connection can't change the paths Sean and Emma
have chosen. But with a little space to be themselves together, maybe the
rest of the world can wait...

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Author Bio
Shannyn Schroeder is the author of the O’Leary series, contemporary
romances centered around a large Irish-American family in Chicago and the
Hot & Nerdy series about 3 nerdy friends finding love. Her new series (For
Your Love) released last summer with the first title Under Your Skin. When
she’s not wrangling her three kids or writing, she watches a ton of TV and
loves to bake cookies. Find out more at:

Author Social Links
Web site --
Goodreads --
Twitter --
Facebook --

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In Too Deep

With: Kristina Mathews

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When people find out I’m an author, I’m often asked if my books are based on real life. The answer is a bit complicated. Every experience I’ve ever had has somehow shaped me and will color the way I see the world I live in as well as the ones I create.

Some of my books are based on actual events, places, or situations. But I’d have to say the majority of my books are definitely fiction. Even the ones that were indeed inspired by something that actually happened to me or someone I know.

The idea for first book in my Swift River Romance was inspired by an actual event. A few years ago, my husband and his older brother went fishing near Mt. Shasta. They were hiking along, looking for a good spot to frighten, catch, and release trout. One of them saw someone struggling in the river, and they immediately dropped their rods, keys, and phones and went in after the man.

Well, the romance writer in me thought it would make quite a story. Only I changed the man to a young woman, the married brothers to single twins, and the location of the rescue to a fictional tributary of the American River where the twins Carson and Cody Swift own a rafting company.

I use a mix of real and fictional locations in my Swift River Romance series. The American River is real, but the town of Prospector Springs exists only in my imagination. I have rafted on both the American and Yampa rivers, which is where Cody first meets Miranda. My husband (and both his brothers) were raft guides and our son spent his first summer following in their footsteps. We have our own equipment and spent many summer weekends taking friends and family down the river.

While Swept Away, the first book in the series was inspired by a real event, I knew I had to make Cody’s story purely fictional. He made a mistake in the first book, using his twin brother’s identity for revenge. He didn’t expect the woman he met on the Yampa would be anything more than a beautiful memory. Miranda certainly didn’t expect the man she thought she’d spent those few steamy nights with to be off on his honeymoon when she comes to break the news that her birth control had failed.

But the most unexpected of all is how the two of them come together in In Too Deep. A series of misfortunes forces Miranda to accept Cody’s help and she finds herself feeling at home for the first time in her life. While Cody had always been a catch and release kind of guy when it came to relationships, he falls for Miranda. Hard. He let her get away once, and he’s not willing to let her off the hook this time.


Oh, baby!
For the first time in her life, adventure reporter Miranda Wilde has a plan that doesn’t involve scaling mountains or swimming with sharks. Miranda is about to do something scarier—she’s about to become a mother. Determined to deliver the news to her unborn baby’s father, Miranda arrives in Swift River to find the rugged resort owner with whom she shared an unexpectedly sexy weekend. Except Carson Swift is out of town—on his honeymoon—leaving his twin brother in charge. It’s all Miranda can do not to fall apart in Cody Swift’s strong arms…. 
Miranda is the only woman who ever tempted Cody to settle down, which is exactly why he doesn’t reveal that he’s the twin who shared those soul-searing nights with her. Cody knows Miranda needs more than a rough-edged river guide to give her the life she deserves. Then he learns Miranda is carrying a baby—his baby—and he’s ready to stake his claim. But can he prove his heart is in the right place—and that this is one adventure they’re meant to have together, for a lifetime?

He could do this. Get her on the river, show her a good time, and somehow find a way to bring up the fact that he was the guy she was looking for, not his brother, Carson. Cody had been kicking himself for not making plans to meet up with her again after their little adventure in the desert. But they’d both made it very clear that a continued relationship was not possible. She lived in San Francisco, but traveled a lot for work, so it would be difficult to connect.

And Cody? He’d never had a relationship that lasted longer than a weekend. And by Sunday he’d felt trapped. So he’d been surprised at how disappointed he was to watch her drive away after five days together. He knew the name of the magazine she worked for and she knew he had his own company in California, but they hadn’t exchanged numbers or any means of communication.

So now he wondered what had made her change her mind. Or was it just coincidence that brought her to his river? His company? Didn’t matter. She wanted a story. He’d give her a story. Hopefully one with a happy ending. Maybe a love scene or two.

“So, Miranda.” Just saying her name brought back memories. How her skin held the day’s warmth like the sandstone. How her smile brightened his nights like the full moon. And her touch? Her touch was like an oasis. “You’ve been on the Yampa. What other rivers have you run?”
“The Salmon, the Pacuare, the Zambezi.” She rattled off the rivers in Idaho, Costa Rica, and Africa as casually as someone might list roadside attractions.

“I haven’t traveled outside of California much.” Cody hoped he didn’t sound too much like a stick in the mud. “I’ve got pretty much everything I need right here. I’ve got my river to run, trails to hike or bike, beautiful women to entertain.”

He flashed his trademark grin, hoping she’d fall for it, like she had back in Utah.

Go to the JCR SHOWCASE for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

About Kristina:

Kristina Mathews doesn't remember a time when she didn't have a book in her hand. Or in her head. But it wasn't until she turned forty that she confessed the reason the laundry never made it out of the dryer was because she was busy writing.

While she resigned from teaching with the arrival of her second son, she's remained an educator in some form. As a volunteer, parent club member or para educator, she finds the most satisfaction working with emergent and developing readers, helping foster confidence and a lifelong love of books. She proudly tells her students that she writes romance novels that they can read when they're older.

Kristina lives in Northern California with her husband of more than twenty years, two sons, and a black lab. A veteran road tripper, amateur renovator and sports fanatic. She hopes to one day travel all 3,073 miles of Highway 50 from Sacramento, CA to Ocean City, MD, replace her carpet with hardwood floors, and throw out the first pitch for the San Francisco Giants.