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Congratulations to "Lynn B.", the winner in Becky's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

As an author I routinely scour the internet for reviews. All the authors I know do. We live for them – die by them. We beg, bleed, and plead for reviews. I chew on my nails in anticipation of getting one; and when I do I analyze every word, even a positive one can send me into fits, but a negative one can send me spinning. But surely notable, establish authors like Stephen King and Nora Roberts wouldn’t lose any sleep over what one random reader thinks. How could my opinion matter to them.

Seriously? Who am I?

I can just see it now. I post my lackluster review and Nora Roberts promptly signs into her Facebook account crying on the virtual shoulders of her author support group. “She just didn’t get what I was trying to impart. Should I respond? Should I explain that what she thinks was missing the editor had me remove? Does she even read that genre? How could she be so mean????”

And Nora’s friends sympathize; [nod] they’ve been there. “That BITCH!” “You’re a better writer than that.” “Don’t engage, Nora.” “You’re officially an author now!” “I loved your book, honey.”

Of course Nora Roberts’ support group consists of similarly talented and successful authors like Tami Hoag, Maya Banks, Julie Garwood, Debbie Macomber, Jasinda Wilder and Linda Lael Miller.

Then Nora would get angry. “Yeah, screw Becky Flade!” [I would die a thousand deaths if Nora Roberts ever thought those words. Of course just being on her radar would be the ultimate feather in my cap.] She’d start calling me Princess Pinhead. And then the entire group would start calling me Princess Pinhead. They’d avoid me on social media, not sending me their awesome books to read. It would get abbreviated to PP. Which sounds way to much like going #1, which some smart ass, probably from Philly, would run with I’m sure. They’d reassure each other every time someone got a crappy review by posting funny/clever pictures on-line ridiculing Princess Pinhead.

It’s not worth it. I can’t take that kind of rejection over a review. Don’t hate me Nora. I’m not a Pinhead – I love your books.

And hopefully, you’ll love my newest book: Fated Desires. Read on for a chance to win a free, signed paperback.

Jenna Gavin is searching for a fresh start and, more importantly, for balance. Her heart, and perhaps the hands of fate, have led her and her son to Trappers' Cove, Minnesota. Settling in the small, quirky town, she's not in the market for a casual relationship but finds herself in one with the young widower next door.

Former shortstop, Gabriel Foxx, is drawn to his difficult new neighbor. The more the prickly divorcee tries to keep him at arm's length, the more determined he is to break down her walls. He can't avoid the passion Jenna inspires and his friendship with Finn has him yearning for family, but Gabe won't allow himself to feel more.

When friendship grows complicated by stronger emotions and mutual desire just isn't enough, will love be worth the risk?

Enjoy the following excerpt from Fated Desires:

He hadn’t moved and she could smell the mix of pine tree blended with fresh greens, warm wind, pepper, mahogany, and water that was uniquely Gabriel. It was disconcerting. He was disconcerting. “Could you back up some?”
“Why should I?”
“Because you’re invading my personal space.”
“This is your dance space, and this is my dance space?” He laughed and though he didn’t step away he did lean back on his heels, giving the illusion of distance.
“Isn’t that movie before your time?”
“Oh, a dig about my age. Excellent.”
“Not a dig, an observation.”
“I was born in 1977 and Dirty Dancing came out in the late eighties. So the answer to your question is no, it’s not before my time. And my sisters loved it.”
“You’re thirty-nine?”
“I’ll be thirty-nine in September. And I’m mature.”
“Yeah, right.” She snorted.
“You may or may not have been avoiding me, but you have been thinking about me. Nice consolation prize.”
“How did you draw that conclusion?”
“Call it a hunch.”
“More like arrogance.”
“Tomayto, tomahto.” He stared at her mouth and saliva pooled under her tongue. “I’ve been thinking about you too.”
“I never said I was.” 
“Of course you were. You’ve been thinking about my age, right? Telling yourself I’m too young for you? That means you’ve been thinking about doing things with me where age might make a difference—not drinking coffee or talking about books, for example.” He leaned in, crowding her again. “I’m not too young.”
“What you are is delusional. And conceited.”
“I preferred arrogant. Sounded more noble.”
“Did you come in here to purchase something or to annoy me?”
“Both. But I changed my mind about the book.” He braced his hands on the edge of the desk, trapping her. His mouth was inches from hers and his voice a whisper, “I can’t stop thinking about your lips.”

I know my opinion is biased, but I truly love that scene. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies and it becomes an ‘inside thing’ between Jenna and Gabe. Leave a quote from your favorite romantic movie in the comments below for a chance to win a paperback copy of Fated Desires.


Home is where the heart is and I make mine with my very own knight in slightly tarnished armor in southeastern Pennsylvania. When I’m not busy living my own happily ever after, I’m writing about someone else’s.

Connect with me at

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The Favor

Congratulations to "Dee", the winner in Blaire's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

There’s nothing sexier than a man who takes charge. But when does taking charge become taking over?

In my newest release, The Favor, Clark Wainwright is a thirty-year-old architect who loves to fix things, and by fix things, I mean that sometimes he sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong and gets himself into a whole lot of trouble.

When his sister’s best friend needs a superhero for her son’s birthday party, Clark squeezes himself into tights and a cape and saves the party, but not without creating some problems that are very tricky to solve, even for a superhero.

Single mom Anna Bishop doesn’t want help from anyone. After a failed marriage, all she wants to do is raise her son in peace, but her ex-husband, George, isn’t making it easy on her. When Clark lets his temper get the best of him, she’s in even deeper hot water with George.

Clark can’t rest until he fixes the problems he created for Anna and her son, even if that means proposing marriage. Anna could use a little rescuing but it might just be Clark who gets saved in the end.


Single mom Anna Bishop doesn’t want help from anyone, but she does need a superhero for the birthday party she’s has planned for her seven-year-old. Luckily, her best friend’s brother agrees to suit up and play the role.

When architect Clark Wainwright agrees to do his sister a favor, he never expects to end up in a pair of tights…not to mention the tight spot he ends up in when he creates trouble for his sister’s best friend. Clark is a fixer, and he’ll do whatever it takes to fix the problem he causes for Anna and help her keep her son…whatever it takes…even of it means proposing.

Anna could do with a little rescuing…but it just might be Clark who gets saved in the end.

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Maybe a real superhero is going to save me this time.

If she weren’t so nervous and scared, she might be a little interested in meeting the man behind the mask. Peeling back the shimmery black and red spandex. Her gaze traveled along his muscular shoulders, down the length of his chest, over the flat of his stomach. Her eyes got stuck at the bulge in his tiny red underpants. It wasn’t small. Anna hoped superheroes didn’t use the old potato trick.

It would be a major disappointment. She’d had a crush on Redhawk for years, way before Louie discovered him, and the man in front of her was the perfect incarnation of the superhero. It wouldn’t take more than one glass of wine for her to believe this man was the real article.

“Who the fuck are you to tell me shit?” George asked. He dropped Anna’s wrists, and she slumped back against the counter. He turned to face Redhawk. “Is that sissy costume making you brave?” A sneer lifted the corner of his mouth. “You probably like nail polish, too.”

The superhero’s fist connected with George’s nose in the blink of an eye. Anna winced at the crack of bone on bone. Like an action movie in slow motion, she watched as George stumbled backward, tried to get his balance, and then doubled over, clutching his nose.
 I’ve just been saved by the world’s hottest superhero.

Blaire is giving away a $10 Amazon gift card to one reader leaving a comment or email entry sharing your favorite superhero.

About the author:
Blaire Edens lives in the mountains of North Carolina on a farm that’s been in her family since 1790. When she’s not plotting, she’s busy knitting, running, or listening to the Blues. Blaire loves iced tea with mint, hand-stitched quilts, and yarn stores. She refuses to eat anything that mixes chocolate and peanut butter or apple and cinnamon. She’s generally nice to her mother, tries to remember not to smack her bubble gum, and only speeds when no one’s looking.


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Without Words

Congratulations to "Mary C.", the winner in Delancey's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

I’ve talked to lots of readers lately about the kinds of heroes they love to root for, and beyond the typical descriptions of their jobs (CEO, fireman, rock star), one thing comes up over and over. Lots of readers love a tortured hero. We love rooting for the guy that’s got something dark and anguished twisting in his soul, the guy so deep in his own troubles he doesn’t see the girl coming his way—or at least he doesn’t realize she just might be his salvation.


Rob deRosa is that kind of hero in my new book, Without Words. He’s a firefighter—or at least he was, before he suffered a terrible injury in the line of duty. Now he’s an ex-firefighter trying to figure out how he fits in a world that doesn’t make sense anymore, and the only creature that seems to understand him is a huge German shepherd he rescued as a puppy, Sampson. Words don’t come easily to Rob as a result of his traumatic brain injury, but when words are set to music—specifically his own guitar—the world slows down for a while. He’s focused on the music one night at the club where he plays, and when Dani Hodge walks in he knows he hasn’t got a shot…but he’s wrong.

Dani’s renovating a small storefront where she’s going to open her dream—a small wine and book shop in San Diego. But she doesn’t have a lot of experience with renovation, and she could use a hand. When the hot guitar player she saw at the club downtown appears out of nowhere and offers to help, she accepts…

This is from Without Words—the scene where Rob offers Dani some help using the tile saw she’s trying to wrangle as she works on her shop.

“What’s your plan for this place? Or are you just the construction crew?” The smile appeared again and my heart jumped back to attention, along with a few other parts of my body that were supposed to be on hiatus. His words were clear enough, though each one sounded labored, and I wondered again what affected his speech that way. It might explain why he hadn’t responded to my babbling when I’d gotten up the nerve to try to talk to him in the club. Maybe I hadn’t given him enough time. I decided to blame Amy for forcing me to approach him. Clearly, neither of us had been ready.
“I’m opening a bookstore and lounge,” I said, trying to avoid the gravity of those eyes by looking into the shop. “And I’m the construction crew, too.” I shrugged. “Keeps the costs down.”
He nodded and made no move to go, so I stuck out a hand, pulling my glove off first. “I’m Dani.”
He took my hand in his own. “Rob deRosa.” The buzz from the club was still there, zinging between us as he took my hand. I wondered if he felt it, too. I’d never experienced anything so elemental before. It was like my cells were responding directly to his, trying to line up for some kind of atomic tango. It was compelling and frightening all at once. “This is Sampson,” he added, nodding at the giant dog.
Sampson recognized his name and got back to his feet, stepping forward as if indicating that I could pet him now.
I glanced at Rob to make sure it was okay and then held out a hand. Sampson nosed at it and then pushed his huge head under my palm. I laughed, kneeling down and petting him properly. “Hi, buddy,” I crooned. “Hi Sampson. Nice to meet you.” Sampson’s huge, expressive eyes never left my face, and I felt my heart soften a little bit. For the first time in my life, I found myself thinking maybe I needed to get a dog. I grinned up at Rob. “He’s amazing.”
He nodded, something soft passing through the fierce eyes. “Need a hand with this?” He waved a hand toward the store.
I stared at him, unsure what he was offering. He wanted to just hang out and lay tile with a stranger? “The tile? Seriously?” I rose back to my feet, and my gaze met his again. Zing.
He lifted a shoulder and looked up and down the street. “Not much else to do today.” He paused again, a furrow appearing between his eyebrows. “Happy to help if you need it.”
I considered turning him down. Spending the day—hell, spending five minutes—with this guy would be a challenge. Not because of his unusual speech or the way he seemed to move just a few beats behind the rest of the world, but because I would have to admit to myself that I was insanely attracted to him. And I didn’t need that kind of distraction.
Tell him no, my mind said. Thank him and send him on his way.
My mouth didn’t get the memo in time. “I could definitely use help.”
Stupid mouth. Now we’re both screwed.
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About the author:
Delancey Stewart writes contemporary romance from her home outside Washington D.C. In a house populated by two tiny pirates and one full-sized Marine aviator, inspiration for her heroes is never hard to find—though quiet time to write often is!


Do you have a favorite tortured hero? I’d love to hear what books you’ve loved for their dark heroes in the comments section! Enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card!

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May Harlequin Titles

Congratulations to "Maureen C.", the winner in Sharon and Martha's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

The Sheik's Bought Wife (Wedlocked!)

“I adore Sharon Kendrick's sexy, sparkling take on a Cinderella story—it's a must-read!”USA TODAY bestselling author Lynne Graham
The desert king's outrageous proposal! 
Marry a sheikh in return for a hefty financial reward? Shy researcher Jane Smith would normally have laughed in Zayed Al Zawba's handsome face. Except it's only for six months and the money will rescue her sister who's mired in debt… 
Sheikh Zayed will do anything to inherit Kafalah's neighboring oil-rich lands, even wed plain Jane: he'll never long to consummate a marriage with her! But Zayed hasn't bargained on Jane's frumpy clothes hiding delicious curves…or her quick mind and untouched beauty teasing and tempting him beyond his wildest imaginings!


The sweetest surprise…  
Ambitious environmental attorney China Edwards pursues every goal with drive and dedication. Having a baby is no different. No husband? No problem—she'll find the perfect donor. Then one spontaneous passionate night with bachelor executive Alexander Kingsley leaves these two longtime friends with an unanticipated benefit, and throws China's future plans into turmoil. 
China's brilliant legal mind and friendship are indispensable to Alexander and his multibillion-dollar oil firm. And the possibility of her moving on makes him realize how deep his feelings actually run. Then their all-business relationship takes a wildly erotic detour…until Alexander is drawn into a company scandal that rocks his life. With trust in tatters, can an unplanned bundle of joy lead them to become the family they never expected?

Sharon Kendrick

To the horror of my parents, I left school at sixteen and held a bewildering variety of jobs: I was a London DJ (in the now-trendy Primrose Hill), a decorator and a singer. After that I became a cook, a photographer and, eventually, a nurse. I waitressed in the south of France, drove an ambulance in Australia, saw lots of beautiful sights but could never settle down. Everywhere I went I felt like a square peg—until one day I started writing again and then everything just fell into place. I felt like Cinderella must have when the glass slipper fit!

Today, I have the best job in the world, writing passionate romances for Harlequin. I like writing stories which are sexy and fast-paced, yet packed full of emotion—stories that readers will identify with, laugh and cry along with.

My interests are many and varied—chocolate and music, fresh flowers and bubble baths, films, cooking and trying to keep my home from looking burglarized! Simple pleasures—you can’t beat them!

I live in Winchester, one of the most stunning cities in the world, but don’t take my word for it—come see for yourself! I regularly visit London and Paris. Oh, and I love hearing from my readers all over the world…so I think it’s over to you! 

Martha Kennerson

Martha Kennerson is the bestselling and award-winning author who's love of reading and writing is a significant part of who she is. She uses both to create the kinds of stories that touch the heart. Martha lives with her family in League City, Texas. She believes her current blessings are only matched by the struggle it took to achieve such happiness. To find out more about Martha and her journey, visit her website at and you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

One lucky person leaving a comment or email entry will win both of these books!

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The Irish Prince

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this sneak peek of my long-awaited sequel to The Penthouse Prince!


In THE IRISH PRINCE, CEO Aiden Kelley’s life of billionaire extravagance is flipped upside down when his ex shows up with a ten-year-old she claims is his. Totally out of his element and losing the control so integral to his success, he needs help. To top it all off, the only constant woman in his life, his executive assistant, has given notice just when he needs her help to survive his newfound fatherhood.

Chelsea Houston is an executive assistant, not a nanny. The only person more clueless about kids is her boss. Helping him on a daddy-daughter road trip is her last task before he’ll accept her two weeks’ notice and she can be free of the infuriating man she’s had a crush on for longer than she’d admit.

Aiden’s carefully ordered life has never been so disorganized, and he’s suddenly tempted by the things he thought he could never have. Things like love and family. Who knew chaos could be so damn fun?

Before she could move away, he’d spun in her direction and backed her into the sink behind her with nothing more than his presence. “I have a way of convincing people to do what I want them to do, if you’ll recall.” The power and masculine charisma seemed to flow off him in waves, battering her resolve and making her want to melt into a puddle.
“Glerk,” she responded.
His smile grew. Slowly, his fingertip traced down from her temple to her cheek. “I didn’t quite catch that.”
Her mind raced. How quick would he fire her if she leaned forward and took just a little nibble of that delectable bottom lip of his? The one that spoke of sin and hours of pleasure so great it made a girl’s toes curl just thinking about it…
She wasn’t in a position to play sexy games with a man like Aiden Kelley. She’d lose, every single time. He wasn’t for the likes of her. “Nothing, sir. Just thinking that you did have a talent for business and shouldn’t be underestimated. I’m sure Margo will agree to keeping the animal, if you asked.”
She’d backed down, and she knew it. The thing was, based on the look on his face, he knew it, too.
It must’ve been her overactive imagination, because she thought he looked a bit disappointed. Which was crazy, but…
“Chicken,” he said before walking away from her.
It took her long moments to translate what he could’ve meant by that single word. By the time she did, he was long gone, but her fury boiled over anyway.
“Oh, you think I’m a chicken, Aiden? You’ve messed with the wrong girl if you think I’ll back down next time. I dare you to get all sexy like that with me again. I just dare you.”

Buy links:

About the author:
USA Today Bestselling Author Virginia Nelson is the hybrid author best known for The Penthouse Prince. Aside from that, she’s the mother of three wonderful biological children and tons of adopted kids and critters. Virginia is a graduate of Kent State University with an Associate of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in English and a current student at Seton Hill University where she’s pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction. Sometimes called the rainbow unicorn of romance, she loves to hear from her readers!
Books for sale. Snark for free.

Author Website:
Author Twitter: @virg_nelson /

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Giveaway Alert!

Romancing the Bachelor 

Eric Hamilton isn’t looking for love. Hell, he isn’t even looking for a girl. He has a five-year plan, and he’s one hundred percent focused on that. But then Shelby walks into his life, and suddenly, he can’t think about anything else. Unfortunately for him, she hates his guts, and wants nothing to do with him. But he’s a man who loves a challenge.

Shelby Jefferson can’t wait to get out of the city, and back to her country roots. She moved to Atlanta for a guy who promptly left her, and the last thing she wants is to fall for another man who might make her want to stay. But Eric is nothing if not persistent, and before long she’s inside his arms, in his bed, and she’s falling for him. Hard. But when history repeats itself, and she has to choose between a man and herself––again.

“You don’t like me,” he said, his voice high with surprise.
She closed her fist around her keychain, letting out a small sigh of gratitude that she’d finally found them because, God, she needed to get inside her apartment. Away from him. He smelled too good, looked too good, and was way too cocky to be taken in large doses. “Not particularly, no.”
“Why not?” He let out another one of those half-laughs. “You don’t even know me.”
She headed for her door on trembling legs. Having this much alpha male attention focused on her was a little unnerving, to say the least. “Oh, I know enough.”
He followed her.
She didn’t look over her shoulder to verify this because she didn’t need to. She could feel him behind her. He let off a warm energy, something that called for her to stop walking and let him bounce into her just so she could see if he was as hard as he looked under those fancy suits of his. But if she found that out, she’d never forget how he felt pressed against her, and he already haunted her thoughts too much as it was...especially since she didn’t even like him.
Keep telling yourself that, Shelby.
“What do you know?” he asked slowly.
She lifted a hand, counting on her fingers as she spoke, letting her keyring hang off her thumb. “You come home with different women every weekend, and I never see them come back. Not even once. You’ve lived down the hall from me, and worked with me, for months now, and you never noticed me, or tried to befriend me, until now. You never even spoke to me, or so much as asked me how I was doing, until I wore a shorter skirt than usual to work. So, yeah, I think that’s enough for me to know you and I wouldn’t make good friends.”
He opened his mouth, closed it, and opened it again.
She’d struck Eric Hamilton speechless. There was a certain pride in that, since she knew firsthand from watching him in a courtroom how hard that was to do.
“I’m sorry you think so poorly of me,” he finally said.
She shrugged, saying nothing.
“I intend to change that, though.” He shot her a cocky smile, one that was way too flirtatious for her well-being. “Starting now. Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight, Ms....?”
A laugh escaped her. She couldn’t help it. “I literally just told you I wasn’t interested in you, and now you’re asking me out on a date? Seriously?”
“No, but I’ve made a bad impression, and since we work together, I think it’s best if we try to overcome that, don’t you? Think of this as more of an...olive branch.”
“I don’t particularly like olives.” She smiled politely. “Or branches.”

Diane will be giving away an eBook copy of THE CEO’S SEDUCTION to one person leaving a comment or email entry!

About the author:
Diane Alberts is a USA TODAY bestselling Contemporary Romance author with Entangled Publishing. Under the name Jen McLaughlin, she also writes New York Times, USA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling books with Penguin RandomHouse. She was mentioned in Forbes alongside E. L. James as one of the breakout independent authors to dominate the bestselling lists. Diane is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.


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