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The Wedding Deal

Former quarterback Lance Quaid just inherited the most losing team in the NFL. He’s got only a few weeks until draft day to turn things around, and after firing more than half his staff, he can’t do it alone. Thankfully, his HR manager is more than capable, if only she’d stop focusing on “due diligence” and stop looking so sexy while she’s yelling at him.
Charlotte James has made a life out of following the rules. But nothing could have prepared her for Lance Quaid—he’s a human resources nightmare. The man is brash, has no filter, and, as her new boss, is constantly relying on her to cover his ass. Which is admittedly quite nice.
When Lance begs her to join him on a trip down the coast for his brother’s wedding so they can finalize details—on a strictly business basis—she agrees…after they fill out the necessary forms, of course. Away from the office, though, sparks start flying as the team starts coming together. But both of them know anything more than the weekend would be a colossally bad idea—after all, the extra paperwork would be a nightmare.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Fearless and Falling

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In Fearless and Falling, Angela has been in love with Logan Sawyer since she was a little girl in art class. Now that she's all grown up, she decides there's no time like the present to go after the man of her dreams. There's only one problem—his ex-girlfriend returns to town, throwing her plan off course. Here's a little sneak peek example of keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer—and sometimes discovering they're not your enemy at all.

I spot Logan at a table near the back of the bar as soon as I walk in and immediately duck my head. I then curse my natural reflex to do that. Before I can chastise myself too much, I notice that the bartender is none other than Wren Freaking Hart. I suppress an audible groan as I slide onto a barstool unnoticed. Why is she here? Why now? And why is Logan looking at her like she hung the damn moon? The whole town knows that she broke his heart when she left, but from the looks of things, I’d say he forgot and forgave.
“Angela Louise, right?” I snap my attention to Wren as she places a napkin in front of me. “Nice rack,” she says, motioning to my boobs. I check my cleavage and tug at the neck of my shirt. I’m not sure whether I’m offended or flattered.
“Thanks. It’s just Angela,” I say. “Millie thinks it gives us that small-town feeling, including our middle names on
our name tags. I think we sound like damn hillbillies.”
Wren laughs and it’s unfair how pretty she is. “What can I get you?”
“I’ll take a Stella.”
“I’m not sure we even have that,” she says, scanning the coolers.
“You do. Coach stocks it just for me.”
I grin as she finds my beer, snaps the cap off and places it in front of me. I take a sip of my beer and swivel around to check out the Thursday night crowd. “Same people, different day. I bet you could take a photograph and in ten years, nothing will have changed.”
“I won’t be here,” Wren says with pride.
I tip my beer in her direction. “Now, that I believe.”
“I found you in our senior yearbook.”
I drop my face into my hand. Just what I need—to relive the horrendous days of high school. “Oh, God. The frizzy hair, the braces, the band uniform—what a horror show.”
Wren taps the bar and my eyes meet hers. “It wasn’t that bad. Look at it this way. I’d say you’re most improved.”
I grin and nod, surprised at my enthusiasm for her approval. “Yeah. Most improved. I’ll take it.”
My eyes slide to him so often, I do it without even thinking. This time when I find Logan leaning against the jukebox, he’s looking back. His gaze holds me and he doesn’t look away. Immediately, the blush creeps into my cheeks and I wonder what he’s thinking. Eventually, one of his friends grabs his attention and I am released. I exhale the breath I’d been holding and spin back toward the bar.
The next hour seems to be a constant loop of torture for me and my insane crush. Though he and Wren keep their distance, I find Logan staring at her when she’s not looking. It’s a longing look that I recognize. It’s one that hurts my jealous heart. When Wren drops off my third beer, I just can’t help myself.
“Looks like you’re back on Logan Sawyer’s radar.”
She rolls her eyes. “I won’t be reliving my youth.”
A glimmer of hope sparks inside me and I press on. “Well, that’s a shame. Every girl in this town from eight to eighty wants to land Sawyer.”
“Even you?” she asks, one perfect eyebrow raised.
“Only since third grade.” I avoid her gawking and pick at the label on my new beer.
“What is it about him that makes every woman go crazy?” she asks.
I sense that she’s being genuine but I don’t understand how she doesn’t see what I do in Logan, especially after being with him for so long. I spin on my stool and watch as he leans over a pool table to take his shot. “He’s sexy in that effortless way,” I say, before turning to face Wren again. “He’s nice to everyone, charming, and seems sincere. He’s loyal to his friends.” I pause, contemplating how much I should give away. My mouth decides to go on without my brain. “He likes to have fun, but he works hard, too. I also think he’s a bit of a secret nerd, which is so hot. Did I mention that body, and how good it looks in uniform?” I feel my cheeks flush and give a shrug—nothing to hide now.
“Wow. All that, huh?” Wren asks.
“I’d only kick him out of the bed to do it on the floor.”


Angela Lavelle has been in love since third grade. A heated argument over superheroes left her reeling in the wake of Logan Sawyer and his charming, know-it-all smile. After a lifetime in the same small town, this art geek still feels invisible to the guy she knows is destined for her. Finally, Angela is ready to give destiny a shove.
Logan Sawyer is adored by the whole town, even taking a place next to his father as a sheriff’s deputy, with aspirations of becoming a detective. When a certain redheaded waitress finally catches his attention, he wonders how he’s been so blind to Angela hiding in plain sight. But there’s the mysterious circumstances of her father’s death tugging at Logan’s detective instincts. Could Angela be the one to break the case wide open? Or will their secrets destroy any chance at a happily-ever-after?

Season will be giving away a paperback copy of FEARLESS & FALLING to one reader leaving a comment or email entry!

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Story Of Us

Thanks for having me on Just Contemporary Romance. I love your site. I’m so excited to be here sharing my newest release and the last book in the Love Unexpected Series, Story of Us. This is a special story to me. Declan wasn’t supposed to get his own story but once I started writing, it was clear he deserved one. In the book, Declan—a one time confirmed bachelor—not only falls head over heels in love, but with an employee and the younger sister of a very good friend. The odds might be stacked against them but they prove to everyone—most of all themselves—that they are meant to be. In the scene below, Declan is trying to find that line between friend and employer while doing his best to ignore the immediate attraction he feels for Sophia.

He waited and the only sounds were the gentle buzz of the computer and their combined breaths. She hoped only she could hear the heavy beat of her heart.

His fingers came to her cheek and he turned her to face him. “Are you going to stay with your parents?”

Stretching her mouth into a phony smile, she shook her head. “No. Would you move back in with your parents at twenty-eight?”

He snorted out a laugh and dropped his hand, leaned back in his chair and gripped the arms rests. “Not in this lifetime. I love them, but no way would I bunk with them again. But that’s different. I haven’t been gone ten years.”

“I bet, even if you had, you wouldn’t crawl home.”

Declan stared at her, his dark eyes too intense for the rollercoaster of emotions Sophia was juggling. “Your parents—your family—love you, Sophia. Whatever happened, they’ll be thrilled you’re home. Why are you so scared?”

She hated that word. It was exactly what she felt, not that she’d tell him that. “I’m not scared. I’m an adult. I’ve moved back into town and I’ve secured employment. Next on the list is a place to live. Then I can show up and tell them I’m just fine.”

Declan reached our and took one of her hands. He rubbed his thumb over the back of it and sensations tumbled around like her emotions. It wasn’t even noon yet. How could she feel so freaking much?

“Are you?”

Her eyes shot up to his. “Am I what?”

He leaned into her space again and she wondered what it would be like to press her mouth to his. It was hardly the first time she’d wondered if his lips were as soft as they looked. She wanted to run her hand along his strong, square jaw and feel the rasp of his stubble against her palm. Against her neck.

“Are you fine?” His voice came out a husky whisper.

Blinking back tears and taking a deep breath, she nodded. “I am. Stop worrying. I don’t need another big brother, Declan. I needed a job, you gave me one. And I stand by what I said, you won’t be sorry.”

As they turned back to the spreadsheets and he showed her his accounting program, Sophia wondered if she’d be sorry. Sorry for coming back, for staying away, for keeping secrets. Stealing little glances at Declan while he spoke, she wondered what her life would have been like if she’d stayed. Would she have worked for her family, settled down, married someone they approved of and had a happy little family?

Sophia put a hand to her stomach and swallowed the lump in her throat. No sense wondering “what if” when she had a whole hell of a lot of “what now” to face.


Declan James has been Brockton Point’s most ineligible bachelor––happy with his short-term relationships and focusing on his business. But now that his closest friends have found their happily-ever-afters, he can’t help but wonder what that might be like. And then Sophia Strombi shows up on his doorstep.

Sophia’s life is––well there’s no other word for it––a mess. She’s grateful to have some work at her brother’s best friend’s bar, and a place to stay. Since she’s working hard to get her life back on track, she’s desperately trying to ignore the fact her boss makes her heart pound in a good way. Wait––no. That’s not good at all. 

Besides, she has a huge secret she’s keeping from everyone––one that’s a life-changer.

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Why Sports Heroes Make the Best Book Boyfriends

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Hey everyone! I’m Rachel Van Dyken, author of over eighty (holy crap) books in multiple genres, one of my favorites being, sports romance! My latest book, Risky Play, is about two broken main characters who find themselves on a last minute holiday to Puerto Vallarta. 

Pro Soccer player Slade Rodriguez is trying to lay low after finding out his girlfriend and his ex teammate hooked up behind his back, for over a year. Licking his wounds he changes teams and moves to Seattle, but isn’t ready to settle down yet. Needing time to himself, he gets on the first jet out. He sits next to Mackenzie Dupont on a plane and is immediately intrigued, especially since a few hours into the plane ride, they have single engine failure. She asks him what one thing he would do different. And they kiss. Once the plane safely lands, to protect his own identity, he gives her a fake name, Hugo. What he doesn’t realize is she’s famous in her own right, so she does the same thing. After all, she’s running away from a broken engagement. What follows is a whole lot of steaminess and taking chances with a complete stranger assuming that it’s just that, a one night stand, a two night stand. Whatever it is, Mackenzie's obsessed with "Hugo's" intense golden gaze, the eight pack helps, and the fact that he seems genuinely interested in everything she says. He promises the universe he’s going to keep her, but sometimes the universe is against us. Tragedy strikes and they go their separate ways only to meet again in Seattle, this time, sparks fly and not the good kind The "I want to kiss you, then strangle you, then kiss you again" kind.

I love writing sports romances because I think it adds this extra layer of pressure from the press to act a certain way. Not only does Slade have to deal with paparazzi but he has pressure to perform, to lead his team to the championships after training with another team. I think it brings in so many details from behind the scenes that we never think about when watching sports on TV. I’m fully dedicated to interviewing real athletes (and my last sports romance I interviewed NFL players). This time I wanted to focus on a sport that isn’t as huge here as it is internationally and really do it justice. These athletes eat, sleep, and breathe their sport, there isn’t a lot of time for a personal life and if you do have one, the balance is always going to be a struggle (not to mention the fact that Slade is still mourning). In this book, I wanted to introduce a really strong female character that wouldn’t let Slade project all those feelings and basically Mackenzie is the type of girl that doesn’t put up with his crap. I think it's important to have strong female characters that women can look up to. I love that during the entire journey my heroine doesn’t give up. She knows her worth and demands that Slade recognize it too.

All in all it was such a fun book to write, I can’t wait for everyone to read it! 


What else can a virgin do when she’s ditched at the altar? Seattle heiress Mackenzie Dupont is treating herself to a single-girl honeymoon in Mexico and a desire to relinquish her innocence to a gorgeous one-night stand. Fake names. True pleasure. But when she wakes up alone, Mackenzie realizes just how much anger is left in her broken heart.

Suffering a tragic personal loss, pro soccer player Slade Rodriguez has his reasons for vanishing without a goodbye. Right or wrong, he’s blaming the beautiful and infuriating stranger he never wants to see again. They’re both in for a shock when Mackenzie shows up as his new personal assistant. And they both have a lot to learn about each other. Because they share more than they could possibly know, including a common enemy who’s playing his own games. And he’s not afraid to get dirty.

Now there’s only one way Mackenzie and Slade can win: to trust in each other and to stop hiding from the lies they’ve told, the secrets they’ve kept, the mistakes they’ve made, and the attraction that still burns between them.

Excerpt: Risky Play by Rachel Van Dyken

I was kissing her again.

Maybe it was because it had been months since I’d had a decent kiss, since I’d jumped into the arms of anyone who didn’t know me by name.

I could be Hugo for a few days.

Hugo seemed spontaneous.

Hugo seemed relaxed.

Hugo seemed fun.

I sure as hell needed some fun.

I broke away from her kiss and trailed my fingertips down her chin. “So, now that we’ve established the plane didn’t crash and we’re here side by side, what did you have in mind?”

Ashley grinned up at me, her eyes a bit hesitant as she looked from me to the ocean. “Well, I’ve never gone cliff diving, I heard there’s a great place close by.”

My eyebrows shot up. “No offense, but you don’t seem like a thrill seeker.”

She laughed. I decided I liked the way her laugh relaxed me, made me respond with a smile and a need to kiss her again. “I’m not, trust me.” She sobered a bit. Her lips turned down.

I wanted nothing more than to press a soft kiss to the corner of her mouth just to see if it would it make it decide to smile in my direction again.

“But it would be fun, I need fun.”

I sighed heavily and looked at my feet. When the hell had I ever looked away like that? “That makes both of us.”

“Great!” She walked ahead of me into her penthouse suite, which matched mine even in color. I suddenly wondered what she did for a living. I mean I could afford it because I had been the highest paid soccer star in Europe for the last ten years.

The place was around three grand a day.

I eyed the large master suite as she ran around and then held up her hand. “One sec, I’m going to change into a suit, alright?”

“Great.” I smiled reassuringly. It would give me time to look around, not that I was stalking her, but I could never be too careful. I was still surprised she didn’t recognize me. And I knew when she did, this little facade, this freedom I felt in my chest, the easy way she let me breathe around her? It would go to hell, and I’d need another escape.

I thumbed through a few of the magazines on the table, and dropped the last one down just in time to hear the sliding bathroom door open and see a goddess emerge.

A one-piece swimsuit covered her body. It had a plunging neckline that showed off two generously sized breasts, and I immediately regretted not telling her who I was.

Because clothing tended to get pulled off, not put on, when I was in the room.

I eyed the scrap of material she called a swimsuit, my eyes raking over her muscular legs, her curvy body.

“Unless you’re jumping naked, you should change too,” she pointed out, then cleared her throat and looked away like she was insecure. Damn, the woman could make a man cut his own heart out for a taste of her special brand of sin.

I peeled my shirt off over my body and shrugged. “Ready.”

Her eyes went so wide I had to fight not to laugh.

I knew what she saw.

I had Instagram pages dedicated to my eyes alone, don’t even get me started on my abs.


Tight, packed abs, all tanned and golden like I was the sun god himself.

“Uh, right.” Her cheeks brightened as she clasped her hands together. “Let’s go!”

I checked her out the entire time she walked ahead of me, and when she caught me staring I just shrugged and said, “Next time wear more clothes if you don’t want me to look.”

“You should talk,” she fired back.

“Misunderstanding.” I grinned. “I wanted you to look.”

She slapped a hand against my bare chest.

I laughed, and then grabbed her hand and kissed her fingertips. “You ready to jump off a cliff with a stranger you’ve kissed twice?”

“Once,” she corrected with a whisper. “I kissed you, you kissed me, we’re even.”

The doors to the elevator opened as I whispered under my breath. “Not for long.”


About the Author
Rachel Van Dyken is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and #1 New York Times bestselling author known for regency romances, contemporary romances, and her love of coffee and Swedish fish. Rachel’s also recently inked a deal for her Wingmen Inc. series—The Matchmaker’s Playbook and The Matchmaker’s Replacement—to be made into movies.

A fan of The Bachelor and the Seattle Seahawks (not necessarily in that order), Rachel lives in Idaho with her husband, a super cute toddler son who keeps her on her toes, and two boxers. Make sure you check out her site,, and follow her on Twitter (@RachVD).

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Just Swipe Right

With: Allie York

Congratulations to "Bn100", the winner in Allie's giveaway. Please contact JUST CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE to claim your prize!

Hey everyone! I’m Allie and I’m here to share my newest release, Just Swipe Right, the third book in the 425 Madison Avenue Series. When Lauren Helms came to me with the idea for a multi-author series, I was onboard immediately. With the release of this book, I can say, unequivocally that this is the best project I’ve ever been part of.

Just Swipe Right is the cute little story of Eliza and Murphy. Sparks fly between the tenacious advice columnist and the new chef in town, but they aren’t the only sparks flying. Online dating comes with a whole new set of challenges and these two learn that swiping left and right is more than just a split-second decision.

Book Info
Magazine columnist Eliza Donovan let her sister sign her up for a dating app which is so not her thing. Chef Murphy Cormac needed a dramatic change, so a big city move leaves him looking for love. An unexpected match has Eliza and Murphy questioning whether or not it is meant to be. Fans of love triangles will love this quick and will they, won’t they read. The third book in the highly anticipated 425 Madison series is now live! Read JUST SWIPE RIGHT by Allie York today.

Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on KindleUnlimited


My life is perfect. I have a luxurious apartment and my dream job. I also have a sister willing to sign me up for a dating app against my better judgment. I promise her one week before the app is deleted forever.

All it takes is one week before I’m matched with two amazing men and my perfect life becomes a perfect disaster.

I needed a drastic change and I got it. My move from the middle of nowhere to the city lands me in a classy part of town with an upscale job. All I need is a personal life to match. So, I join the masses and download an app.

A match with the woman of my dreams has me considering a future. The only problem is that I’m not the only one wanting to make her mine.

After all, 425 Madison Avenue is the perfect place to fall in love.

*Each story is completely standalone.

Allies is giving away a $10 Amazon card and a copy of Sit: The Shores book one to one lucky person leaving a comment or email entry!

Author Info
Allie is a mom and dog groomer by day. At night she is posted at her laptop writing or reading in a cozy corner. She has a soft spot for gooey romance, over-creamed coffee, and anything cute and furry.

About the 425 Madison Series

Welcome to 425 Madison Ave the perfect place to fall in love. Nine delicious romances set in fast-paced & sexy NYC just waiting for you to read.

The series features stories from some of your favorite romance authors: Leigh Lennon, MK Moore, Allie York, Aubree Valentine, Kay Gordon, Lauren Helms, Sylvia Kane, Katy Ames, and C. Lesbirel.

Join these authors as they come together, each with a standalone romance for you to enjoy.

Featuring some of readers' favorite tropes: second-chance romance, best friends sibling romance to a good ol' enemies to lovers romance. We've got you covered with a sports romance, a fake relationship and even an ugly duckling or two. Don't forget a brother's best friend and falling for your soul mate. Maybe a little love triangle as well. Each tale offers you something new, something different. After all, 425

For more information, visit the series website ➝

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The Soccer Player and the Single Mom

Hello everyone! I’m stopping by to share my latest book release with you, THE SOCCER PLAYER AND THE SINGLE MOM. It’s a sweet, small town romance with plenty of love and laughter to go around.

He wants back on the field, she needs a paycheck. Stuck together, Scott and Felicity come to realize what they’ve been missing all along...and that maybe opposites do attract.

Read on for an excerpt and your chance to enter to win my blog tour prize pack, including a $15 gift card to both Amazon and Starbucks. Good luck, and enjoy!


For most women, working for a sexy soccer star would be a dream come true. All except
single mom Felicity Shaw. She has no interest in playing personal assistant for a
stubborn, injured playboy—no matter how nice his abs are. But with bills piling up and
mouths to feed, she can’t say no to the job.

That’s when it gets interesting.

The last thing Scott Gillie wants or needs is a persistent and entirely too distracting PA
while he’s recuperating in his small hometown. Unfortunately, it’s not up to him. Then
Felicity and her son end up temporarily moving in—all thanks to his meddlesome
grandmother. Now temptation is right across the hall and it’s driving Scott crazy.

His only option is to fight fire with fire.

He never expects Felicity to do the same.

KYRA JACOBS is a multi-published author of romance and fantasy. Fueled by caffeine and funny memes, she weaves humor and chaos into tales of love and relationships. Away from the keyboard, Kyra is a devoted soccer mom, loves to garden, and is an avid college football fan. She and her family call Indiana home.

Ways to Connect with Kyra:



“Aw, Mom.” Tyler’s shoulders sank for a moment, then the boy perked back up. “Did you hear what Scott said? Dr. Bedi was one of the best.”

“I did. Now lie down so the poor man can get some sleep. I’ll be there to tuck you back in in a minute.”

And there’s my cue. Scott gathered his crutch while Tyler did as his mother asked. No doubt about it, those two had a special bond. The realization brought with it the ache of his own loss, far less potent than it’d been when he was twelve, but still there nonetheless. Scott gave Tyler a fist bump then made his way to the door. Felicity followed him into the hall, pulling the door shut behind them.

“Did he wake you?”

“Yeah. Said he had a bad dream. No big deal.”

“Sorry about that. He was asleep when I…” She sighed. “It’s been a really long day.”

Felicity’s gaze slid to the bathroom at the end of the hall, and she chewed at her lower lip. He wished she wouldn’t, because it had him considering her lips and how kissable they appeared to be. Her cinnamon and vanilla scent wrapped around his senses, teasing them, luring him in.

Before he knew what he was doing, Scott took a step closer. “Really, it was no big deal.”

She looked to him, pupils darkening in the dim light at the shrinking space between them. He knew he shouldn’t, knew he should keep his distance and keep things purely platonic between them, but all he could think was that he’d go mad if he didn’t get one small taste of her.

Her gaze slipped to his bare chest, and Felicity swallowed loudly. Heat spread through his veins. Still, she held her ground. Scott took another step closer, growing more and more intoxicated by her scent. His attention shifted from the endless depths of those brown eyes to her lips, now slightly parted. Just one kiss, he told himself as her eyes drifted shut.

Just one…

He brushed his nose alongside hers. She drew in a soft breath.


His lips feathered across hers. Felicity angled her face toward him.



The door behind them creaked on its hinges, and Felicity’s eyes went wide. She withdrew as though bitten by a snake and took a hurried step back as Tyler’s profile came into view.

“What are you guys doing out here?” he asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Nothing,” she said in a squeak. “I was, um, just thanking Scott for making sure you were okay earlier, sweetheart.”

Nothing? Scott wet his lips, still tingling from where Felicity’s had pressed against them. The kiss might have been brief and sweet, but “nothing” wasn’t how he would describe it.

“Now, go back to bed and wait there for me,” she continued, her voice stronger now. “If you get up again, we’re going to have words.”

“Fine.” Tyler’s shoulders slumped as he walked away, the door left open and forgotten. Probably a good thing, as Scott’s body foolishly wanted another kiss. His mind, however, knew better.

Felicity met his gaze, a delightful flush tinting her cheeks. “Anyway, thank you again for sitting with Tyler. I’m sure it meant the world to him.”

The world to him? Scott shook his head. He wasn’t used to playing the role of protector against dark shadows and creaky floors. At home, it was just him in his apartment, getting ready for the next day, the next practice, the next game.

Which is the way it needs to be, he reminded himself. Just him, getting ready for the next day. Alone.

The last thing he wanted was to mislead Felicity, and another kiss might do precisely that. So rather than pull her out of Tyler’s view and pick up where they’d left off, he started for his room with a nod.

“Like I said, no big deal.”

Contemporary Romance from Entangled Bliss, releasing 3.11.19

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