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Q & A With Author Kelly Elliott

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1) In just a few short years you have published dozens of books and climbed bestsellers lists. Tell us a bit about your crazy fast rise in the romance world? 

Honestly, it has been a dream come true! I sometimes feel like I have to pinch myself. I’m very humbled by the success I’ve been able to achieve and do not take a second of it for granted. I think one of my favorite things has been getting to meet so many amazing readers along this journey. 

2) You just started a new series with Never Enough. What can readers expect from these stories?

They can expect stores filled with love, hope, second chances, some tears, and also some laughter. Family and friends play a major role in each book and that is always important to me. My goal with each book is to give the reader a chance to escape reality for a bit while making them fall so in love with the characters they want to revisit them often! 

3) This series takes place in Montana with some seriously sexy heroes—bull riders, ropers, ranchers. What makes these Alpha men that work with their hands so irresistible?

Who doesn’t love a cowboy right!? I think it is their charm and ability to make us swoon that makes them so irresistible. Of course it helps I’m married to my own cowboy so he often inspires the heroes in my books!

4) To add a little something special to the mix, your first heroine, Lincoln, comes from Georgia and practically oozes southern charm (certainly enchanting your hero as she goes). What made you decide that this H/h would work so well?

In the very beginning I knew Lincoln had to be from somewhere other than Montana. Me being a southern girl myself, it felt right for her move from a southern state and I love Georgia. In the beginning of the book we find a very different Brock and I knew I had to have a strong heroine who knew who she was and what she wanted. She had no problem confronting Brock and I loved that about her. From the very beginning I knew these two were meant to be.

5) If Brock Shaw had a song dedicated to him, it would be Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold considering the fact that his emotions about Lincoln change with the breeze. This is mainly due to his past—tell us about his journey.

Oh Brock. He gave me a bit of whiplash in the beginning of this book. LOL! He is filled with so many different emotions, guilt, anger, regret, and when Lincoln comes into his life like she does you can almost feel his struggle. He wants to move on from the past, but he honestly doesn’t think he deserves to. He used his career to bury all these emotions for years and when he is confronted with them he is really confronted. I think Lincoln was the happiness he had always longed for and it didn’t take him long to realize that. But that realization came fear, which he had to overcome. 

6) Lincoln isn’t quite running away from home, but she certainly is running towards a new life. How does Brock, and his son Blayze, fit into her plans?

I don’t think Lincoln was looking for those two cowboys when she first started towards her new journey, but when they came into her world they both were piece of the puzzle she hadn’t even realized was missing. The three of them fit together so beautifully.

7) At the center of this story is loss, but also redemption. Is this a theme that we will see going throughout your Meet Me in Montana books?

I think you will see the emotions kicked up a bit with each book in the series. Book two really focuses on healing and finding that one person who is your true love. Your soulmate. 


Never Enough Excerpt

Betty Jane handed me a set of keys. “Here, these are his. Make sure he gets out of here and safely home.” 

My hand instinctively took the keys, and I sat there for a few moments, stunned. When I finally realized Betty Jane was putting me in charge of getting Brock home, I jumped up and followed her over to the bar.

“Wait! Ty said you would make sure Brock got to his truck and slept it off. He didn’t say anything about making sure he got home.” 

Betty Jane loaded up empty beer bottles onto her tray. It was then I looked around the bar and noticed it was almost empty. 

“What time is it?” I asked, reaching for my phone. “It’s almost one!” 

She laughed. “Yep, it’s been real fun watching you give dirty looks to Lee for the last hour. I figured I’d help a girl out and get rid of her for you.” 

When I looked back at the table, Brock had his head on it. 

Good grief. Is he sleeping? 

“What do you mean, get rid of her?” I asked, still trailing behind the waitress, who honestly looked to be just a few years older than me. 

She stopped and faced me. “I’ve been doing this job since I was eighteen. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that you’ve got a thing for our Brock. I can’t blame ya, really. He’s a looker. Those blue eyes and dimples. Not to mention the way the man can fill out a pair of Wranglers. Throw in he’s a professional bull rider and worth some money, and you’ve got yourself one sought-after cowboy. He doesn’t normally come in here and get drunk like this, so I’m going to guess he’s had a bad day and he’s trying to drink away his problems. 

“Now, the way I see it is, he seems to be smitten with you, and you’re smitten with him. So, it only makes sense that you get him home safely. What happens after that is your business, but just know that the rest of the town will most likely find out within seventy-two hours—unless you’re discreet about it.” 

I stood frozen in place. What in the world is this lady talking about? 

“Okay, I didn’t really understand half of that, but you’re very wrong on one thing. Brock Shaw is not . . . smitten . . . with me. It’s really the opposite. I don’t think he can stand me.” 

Betty Jane winked. “Ralph will help you get him out to his truck.” 

“But . . . I . . . my . . . I’m not . . . wait!” 

Placing her hand on her hip, she rolled her eyes. “Listen, I’ve got to finish cleaning up and then kick everyone out of here. Just spit it out, would ya?” 

“My car! I have my car here. I can’t leave it.” 

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about it being left here. It’s perfectly fine.” 

She turned and walked away. When I called out for her again, she ignored me. 

I turned around and walked back over to the table to find a sleeping Brock. Burying my face in my hands, I mumbled, “Oh my God! Why me?” Poking his shoulder, I said, “Brock! Brock, wake up!” 

His head popped up, and I let out a little yelp. 

He turned to look at me, and instead of frowning, he smiled for once. “Hey, pretty little thing.” 

He’s so drunk he doesn’t even know who I am. 

“Um, hey. Listen, I need to get you home, so could you maybe stand and walk out to your truck?” 

Brock smiled bigger, and his dimples seemed to scream out at me. 

Oh. Holy. Hell. 

This guy was beyond good looking. I mean, I didn’t think I’d ever seen a guy smile and look so damn sexy, despite his highly intoxicated state. Even with his cowboy hat all crooked, he looked handsome as hell. 

“I can stand,” he grumbled out as he slowly stood. 

I slipped my arm around his waist. After doing a quick scan of the table, I reached behind me and felt for my phone. I had my license and credit card tucked into my phone case, and I had my keys in my pocket. 

“Okay, let’s get you to your truck.” 

His head dropped forward, and I was pretty sure he was falling back asleep. 

“Brock!” I shouted, making his head jerk up. “Walk to the door.” 

“What do you adore?” he asked, taking a few stumbling steps next to me as I guided him. 

I chuckled. “No, I said, walk to the door!” 

“I am walking to the door, woman!” 

With a roll of my eyes, I focused on keeping this man upright. It wasn’t an easy task. His stocky frame was heavy. With the way my arm was around him, I couldn’t help but notice his muscles flexing as we walked . . . no, stumbled along. I let my silly mind wander to what he would look like without a shirt on. 

Stop it right now, Lincoln Pratt

Betty Jane opened the door for us and winked at me yet again as I walked by. “Have a good night, and don’t worry about your car!” 

I mumbled under my breath about being set up and then stepped out into the cool night. A shiver ran up my spine as I searched the parking lot. I’d only seen Brock’s truck once, and the only thing I remembered was that it was silver. 

“Where’s your truck?” I asked, glancing at three trucks still parked in the lot. 

Brock lifted his head and looked around. “My truck is the best damn truck in the parking lot.” 

“That doesn’t help, Shaw. What’s your license plate number?” 

Brock turned, his big, drunk blue eyes gazing down at me. “You want my number, Lincoln? I thought you didn’t like me.” 

My mouth dropped open. “Um, excuse me, but you’re the one who’s been shooting daggers at me all night long. Not to mention how rude you were to me earlier today.” 

“You didn’t catch me at my best, sweetheart.” 

My stomach dipped at the endearment. No one had ever called me anything like that. Not baby, babe, sweetie, or sweetheart. I was always just Lincoln. Every guy I’d ever dated called me by my first name. Even in bed, I was always Lincoln. 

It pissed me off how much I liked hearing that come from Brock’s mouth. I liked it a lot . . . more than a lot. 

Damn it. What is it about this guy? 

“I didn’t ask you for your phone number, you drunk fool. Your license plate number on your truck.” 

He frowned. “I don’t know.” 

“You don’t know the license plate on your own truck?” 

“Nope!” he said, popping the p in the most adorable way. 

I found myself smiling up at him. 

“It’s the silver one on the far right!” Betty Jane called out. 

I looked behind me, almost losing my grip on Brock. “And I don’t suppose you’d help me get him there . . . or Ralph, maybe?” 

She laughed. She actually laughed before turning and walking back into the bar. 

“Thanks for nothing,” I grumbled as I guided Brock over to the truck.

About The Book

Title: Never Enough
Author: Kelly Elliott
Release Date: December 10, 2019
Publisher: Montlake


Longing to forget the pain of his wife’s death, Brock Shaw has immersed himself in the one thing that lets him escape the guilt. Bull riding. But life on the road means leaving his young son at home with his parents. They want him to give up his career and be a father to his child, but Brock needs the adrenaline to get through each day . . . or so he thinks.

Lincoln Pratt needs a fresh start. As a top interior designer in Atlanta, she has everything she could ever want, but she’s always at her father’s mercy. Something’s missing, and Lincoln knows she’ll only find it somewhere far away—like the rolling pastures of Hamilton, Montana, where she meets the irresistibly mysterious Brock.

In Brock Shaw, Lincoln sees the part of her that’s missing. In Lincoln Pratt, Brock sees the part of himself he thought he’d lost. But the pain of his past binds him. Can he let himself love again?

Author Biography

Kelly Elliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author. Since finishing her bestselling Wanted series, Kelly has continued to spread her wings while remaining true to her roots with stories of hot men, strong women, and beautiful surroundings. Her bestselling works include Wanted, Broken, Without You, and Lost Love. Elliott has been passionate about writing since she was fifteen. After years of filling journals with stories, she finally followed her dream and published her first novel, Wanted, in November 2012.

Elliott lives in Central Texas with her husband, daughter, and two pups. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She is down to earth and very in touch with her readers, both on social media and at signings. To learn more about Kelly and her books, you can find her through her website,

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His Reason To Stay

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Hello and thank you for having me here at Just Contemporary Romance!

His Reason to Stay is the first book in my Ellis Family Saga series and centers on Elijah Ellis, a twin, and one of six Ellis siblings. He’s spent his adult life traveling the globe capturing images of rare and endangered wildlife, but now he’s back home and facing the woman who has secretly loved him most of her life.

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The clang of a metal pulley was her first indication of intrusion. Tabby froze. No one should be coming in there. Not only had the morning turn been completed, but it was the distillery’s slow season between the spring harvests of the South and the fall harvest of the Midwest. Only their most select rare malt was in process.
She strained her ears, hoping for some clue. Maybe it was one of the workers checking things out? Or needing an escape themselves. Hopefully, they would see no one around or pause the few minutes to gather themselves and close the door. No reason for anyone to come up to her hiding place.
Fate was being exceptionally bitter today as footsteps sounded on the worn boards. Heavy footsteps.
She pushed off the floor, the damp cloth sliding off and landing with a thwack, just as her unwanted visitor came into view.
Oh, fate was just being a downright witch this morning.
“I knew I’d find you here.” He grinned. “It’s been far too long, Tabby.”
Elijah Ellis strode across the small space and enveloped her in a warm embrace. The heat of his body surrounded her and brought up memories she needed to drown. His scruff tickled her cheek as she forced herself to return the hug as a friend would. Pushed those passionate memories back down. Forced herself to toe the friend line even though their bodies had been more intimately acquainted one glorious—on constant replay—night.
She knew he’d return at some point. He’d missed the funeral, not surprising since no one in either her or his family had known exactly where he was, besides somewhere in Bolivia trying to photograph some elusive cat. But she was surprised at how long it had taken him to come home.
Thankful, but surprised.
Eli stepped back, and Tabby indulged for one moment. Catalogued his jet black hair brushing his shoulders, his brown eyes sucking her in with their charismatic twinkle. His swimmer’s body, firm and solid. And for a moment she needed to confide in him. Tell him her most treasured secret. A gift left behind. One no one else knew. One he could help her bear.
Increasing the distance between them, she forced the crazy notion back into a deep hole where the fantasy of her and Eli resided. Giving him any reason to feel protective of her or, rather, more protective than he normally felt was the wrong move. For all of them.
“It’s good to see you. You’ve been missed.” I’ve missed you.

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Christmas Roads Home

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                  Hands down, Christmas is my favorite holiday. With the naivete of a child, I truly believed that the whole world came together in peace to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and that all lands and peoples put aside conflicts and sorrows for the season. To this day, I treasure that belief, because it confirmed hope and invoked comfort—two things I would like the whole world to find, just as I once thought it did every December 25th.
         Christmas then was choosing a pine tree from some secluded spot, and decorating it with glass ornaments, colored lights, and icicles—those silvery strands of fantasy that cascaded down the tree branches and made the lights seem to shine from a distance—the lights became fairy lights, and magic could happen every Christmas Eve.
         On some occasions, there was little under the tree on Christmas Day, and there were times when exaggerated gift giving would catch up with my parents, adding to the inherent problems of raising seven children. Over time, I realized that the magic wasn’t in the presents, or even created by that mystic glow of lights through green pine and silver icicles—the magic was in feeling that family was safe, dependable and perfect. On that particular day, holding family close and believing absolutely in love was just what one did.
         Time changes perception, and there were Christmases I wasn’t home. I was no longer that child soaking in a feeling of peace and perfection in the world. Gone were the stockings with the Roy Rogers coloring books—my first cowboy crush, although to be honest I only cared about Roy Rogers because of his palomino, Trigger. Gone were the hopes that Christmas would pass without bloodshed anywhere in the world, or that forgotten children and suffering families would magically, at least for one day, be provided for. That they would find love.
         Now, a lifetime later, Christmas is still my favorite holiday. Some of the ornaments we put on our plastic tree have been part of my family for the forty odd years I’ve been a mother. My wishes are the same for my family now as they were then. I still play the old Christmas carols—songs of hope, empowerment, and tradition. I still believe that Christmas can give birth to new attitudes, and that it can deepen love for family and for others.
     The Cowboy’sChristmas Hand, my second ever Christmas story (I wrote the only other when I was in first grade), captures some of what I want for others at Christmas—a place that is home, full of hope and love. The fact that Church Trenton is a cowboy is just a carryover from my first Christmases, when I always looked for a cowboy kind of man as a force to hold families together and make magic—even for broken families, such as the one that disowned Tyler Olivares and shunned her daughter.
         This Christmas, my sincere wish for everyone is that the roads you travel take you home, whatever or wherever that is—to people who love you, and treasured memories that give joy and fulfillment when you unwrap them.
         Merry Christmas.
Author’s note:
Don’t the years seem to end and begin more quickly than ever now? Thank you for taking the time to visit me here at Just Contemporary Romance. I would love to hear of your travels towards or away from the holidays, or what’s on your mind as another year winds down.

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Hi there!

My name's Cookie, and I'm so glad to be here!  I love contemporary romance (both reading and writing it).   I actually wrote a book called ADORKABLE which comes out this week, yay!!!  It's a YA romance about a girl named Sally who asks her best friend Becks to be her fake boyfriend.  She's completely in love with him, of course, and he has no idea which just makes for some wonderfully awkward and swoon-worthy moments!  I hope you'll check it out!

Here's the book summary and an excerpt if you're interested:

Adorkable (ah-dor-kuh-bul): Descriptive term meaning to be equal parts dorky and adorable. For reference, see Sally Spitz.

Seventeen-year-old Sally Spitz is done with dating. Or at least, she's done with the horrible blind dates/hookups/sneak attacks her matchmaking bestie, Hooker, sets her up on. There's only so much one geek girl and Gryffindor supporter can take.

Her solution: she needs a fake boyfriend. And fast.

Enter Becks, soccer phenom, all-around-hottie, and Sally's best friend practically since birth. When Sally asks Becks to be her F.B.F. (fake boyfriend), Becks is only too happy to be used. He'd do anything for Sal--even if that means giving her PDA lessons in his bedroom, saying she's "more than pretty," and expertly kissing her at parties.

The problem: Sally's been in love with Becks all her life--and he's completely clueless.

This book features two best friends, one special edition Yoda snuggie, countless beneath-the-ear kisses and begs the question:

Who wants a real boyfriend when faking it is so much more fun?

     Okay, so I knew there would be some grief.  But seriously, was that grin really necessary?  Becks was leaning against my locker, all six foot two of him relaxed, wavy black hair brushing the tips of his ears, watching me as I walked toward him down the hall.  It wasn't like I could just turn tail and run.  I had to get my books for next period, and he was in the way.  His eyes, the ones I knew nearly as well as my own, were swimming with mirth, his expression expectant.
     Determined to wipe the grin right off his face, I said, "Hey there, Baldwin.  How's it going?"
     He blanched.  "Jeez, Sal.  Not this early in the morning, okay?"
     I smiled to myself.  Baldwin Eugene Charles Kent, aka Becks, had always hated his Christian name.  With a name like that even I wanted to hate him--and he was my best friend.  Luckily, Becks had escaped that clumsy mouthful with a killer nickname.  Born with the last name "Spitz," there'd been no hope for me.   From the first grade on, my peers had refused to call me anything else.

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A Must For Christmas

The holidays are not the time to debate delicate family issues. Right? Greg and Faith Mallory both agree on that one. Good thing because they’re not agreeing on much else. He wants his pregnant wife (with twins) to be a stay-at-home mom. And Faith wants to keep working. With a month left in her pregnancy, Faith hopes she and the love of her life can finally agree what’s best for their family.

Only, she goes into early labor three days before Christmas.

Faith and Greg first appeared in Must Have Faith, Book 2 in the Darling Cove small-town, family drama romance series. Deborah Garland brings them back in the short holiday read A Must for Christmas.

Twas three days before Christmas and in the Mallory house, Faith went into labor and her husband freaked out...

A medical complication after the twins' birth has Greg re-writing his letter to Santa. He’ll make any sacrifice possible to keep his family together. He and Faith had missed so much, crawled through fire to be together again. It doesn’t matter how many trays of cookies she didn't make, or the half-decorated tree, or the cards that never went out.

Now, all Greg wants for Christmas is…Faith.

Here’s an exclusive excerpt just for Just Contemporary Romance readers:

A flood of dread flowed through Greg. The minute he’d made Faith his, he’d been in charge of her. She was his responsibility. What she needed, Greg took care of. The lack of control he had at the moment warred with his natural caveman instincts to protect his wife.
He let the nurse guide him out of the operating room. The hallway was dim compared to the thousand-watt bulbs he’d just been standing under, and he blinked to adjust his eyes so he didn’t bump into anything. A hand was still firm on his back. The sense of urgency in her touch kept his nerves alive.
Greg stopped immediately and turned around. “I got it. I’m good.” He nodded to her, knowing the nurse was needed back in that room. Not out there to babysit him or make sure he found a good seat in the waiting room.
She pinched her lips tight and touched his arm. “I’ll be back and forth to give you updates.”
He’d been waiting for, And it’ll be fine. The lack of that encouragement sliced through him, and his legs turned to rubber.
Another arm secured him. “Greg, what’s going on?” Andrew’s deep voice stung with worry.
“I. . . I don’t know.” Greg ran a hand through his hair, staring at his shoes. When he looked up, several more eyes were glued to his.
“How’s my Faith?” Madeline clutched on to Skye, her face scrunched in anxiety.
“She’s fine, but they’re intubating her. One of the babies is in distress.” He braced himself through all the gasps.
“Oh, my poor Faith.” Madeline’s hands rushed to her face, and Skye helped her into a seat.
“Hang on,” Edward jumped in. “She’s having twins. She’s a small woman. It’s quite common for one baby to have a little trouble.” He wasn’t a doctor, but his EMT training and volunteering with the fire department had put him in the middle of many different medical scenarios.
Still it didn’t ease Greg’s anxiety.
“Are they doing the C-Section now?” Skye asked, her hand closing around Edward’s wrist.
 “Yes,” Greg said then cleared his throat with difficultly.
“Let’s all take a seat and say a few prayers.” Martin stepped up to Greg and took his arm.
After Faith, Greg would always go to his father.
In a seat, Greg closed his eyes and waited for his wife to deliver his sons.

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My Way To You

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Greetings, readers. I am excited to celebrate the one-year bookiversary of My Way to You, book one in the Brothers in Law series. To celebrate, I have wrapped up books one and two along with the short story introducing the brothers and a sneak peek at book three.

Brothers in Law Romance Series [Books 1 & 2]

Book one, My Way to You features Simon and Regina as they break some cultural taboos by being together. Simon risks his friendship with Regina’s brother, his best friend Marcus, and as their relationship develop, the realities that some people will give the interracial couple problems emerge. I am very familiar with the growing acceptance of interracial relationships in society coupled with individual and group intolerance. They are things my husband and I struggle through.

Book two, Sweet Love-Bitter Fruit, features Marcus and Toni, a successful married couple all too hot for each other. They excel professionally and in the bedroom, and seem to have everything but one. Toni makes some demands on Marcus that threatens to make their rock-solid marriage crumble.

The Brothers in Law short story introduces readers to the six sexy lawmen making up the series. They represent long-lasting friendships and the influence our closest friends can have on our lives, including our love lives.

Readers are anxiously awaiting the release of book three, Building on Broken Dreams. Adam and Maryam fall hard for each other and start to build a life together full of passion, but the past threatens to reach in and destroy it all The Heart of My Tranquility is an erotic prelude to the book, and I included chapter one so readers can get to know Adam and Maryam a little better.

The romance series set is packed with heat, tension, and drama.

Enter Lyndell's giveaway HERE

A bestselling author and award-winning writer, Lyndell Williams (Layla Abdullah-Poulos)
holds a B.A. in Historical Studies and Literature, M.A. in Liberal Studies, and an AC in Women and Gender Studies. She is an adjunct instructor as well as an anti-racism and gender equity advocate. She is the senior New York trainer for the Muslim Anti-Racism collaborative.

Williams is a cultural critic with a background in literary criticism specializing in romance. She has been published in peer-review journals and presented at national conferences about Muslim and interracial romance fiction as well as racism, sexism and the Black Muslim experience.

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