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The Millionaire’s Revenge Contract is the third book in a series. The story idea for the entire series began with the seed of romance mixed with revenge. I remember thinking what if a teenager who is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit plots to exact revenge on those who wronged him? What if he’s from the wrong side of the tracks and is attracted to a girl he thinks he can never be with?
From those flickers of what if, the heroes in the series took on a life of their own. Each one having been through the same thing and all of them finding the healing power of love.
This one features hero Cole Mitchell, the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks turned millionaire. He’s devastated with guilt over not being able to prevent the death of a friend. He’s become hardened, cynical and blinded by his thirst for revenge. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did writing it.

If giving in to tears would help, Maddie Russell would cry buckets. She’d failed her younger sister, lost her job, and now her day was about to get even worse as she spotted a colleague who constantly asked her out striding toward
her, a leering grin on his face. A self-centered braggart who made fun of others, Frank was on her oh-hell-no list. She couldn’t tolerate being in the company of mean people.

He passed the elevators, getting closer to her, and Maddie whirled around in the opposite direction. She couldn’t deal with him right now. With housekeeping being understaffed today, she’d traded her pencil skirt and blazer for a maid’s uniform, and her kindness had been rewarded by being fired.

Yanking a master keycard from the pocket of her work smock, she slid it into the lock and darted into the sanctuary of the Russell hotel’s finest luxury suite. She’d played here as a child and had always loved this room, with its overstuffed furniture, cheerfully colored walls, and panoramic views.

It was hard to believe the family hotel was now lost thanks to what she was sure was a mistake on her grandfather’s part. His hunger for money and material possessions had always made Samuel Russell just as driven as it had her parents, but he’d loved her fiercely and had often been her only port in the middle of the dysfunction storm. But the recent decline in his mental function had led her grandfather to do something that in his right mind, he never would have done. He’d cleaned out the hotel’s operating accounts and taken her sister Dani’s inheritance—money Dani was counting on to live on and to make her home
wheelchair accessible.

Today, the hotel had been sold to pay off the debts against it, and that was a huge, bitter pill to swallow. Rumor had it that the hotel’s new owner, a ruthless multi-millionaire,
according to employee gossip, was making sweeping changes. Turned out that rumor was true, as evidenced by the email she’d received earlier letting her know she was fired. She’d worked here all her life, and now it was gone.

Once the panic had passed, she’d made a plan to do whatever she could to get a meeting with him to ask if there was any way she could keep her job. A good portion of her paycheck secretly went to her sister, and there was no way she could earn the amount she made in salary anywhere else. Her grandfather had paid her generously for her executive management position. He paid everyone well—he always said it was just good business to let employees know they were valued. Losing that income would be devastating.

Her cell phone vibrated, and Maddie answered in a whisper.

“Everything okay?” Dani questioned, instantly sounding worried.

Maddie did the same thing she’d been doing for the last few weeks to protect her sister. She told another lie. “Of course. I’m just busy.” Dani didn’t need to know about the
financial ass kicking that was coming if Maddie couldn’t find a solution. Her sister had enough to deal with.

“Just wanted to call to remind you not to forget to pick up Sam’s birthday cake.”

They were celebrating her six-year-old nephew’s birthday tonight with a few of the kids he’d befriended during this vacation stay with Maddie. Her heart squeezed
when she thought of how lucky she was to still have him around.

“I’ll remember. The bakery is on the way to the apartment,” she said.

The doorknob rattled behind her as someone thrust a keycard into the lock. Crap! Frank must have decided to follow her.

“Gotta go. I’ll call you later.” Maddie hung up and darted into the bathroom, quietly closing the door behind her before stepping into the bathtub and pulling the shower
curtain closed. If she stayed here long enough, hopefully he would go away.

Her heart racing, she listened intently, waiting for the coast to clear.

Are the footsteps coming closer? She sucked in a breath as the bathroom door opened. Omigod.

When the shower curtain was pulled back, Maddie letout a yelp of surprise at the so naked, so not her colleague guy standing in front of her looking as shocked as she felt.

From the time she was a child, Sonya knew she was destined to be a writer. If she didn’t like the ending of a book or movie, she would write her own ending. When her children were young, she often wrote stories to entertain them. At the urging of one of her daughters, she submitted a short story and to her surprise and delight, it sold.  Sonya loves writing all things romance whether it’s writing contemporary adult or teen fiction and still hasn’t lost the wonder that she gets to do what she loves.

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SOME MORNINGS: A New City, and a Sexy Morning Arrangement, Gave These Friends A Second Chance at Love

With: J.L. Lora

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Hello again,

Some Mornings is my newest book. It’s a standalone, second chance romance about two people who find each other again during a low point in their lives. It does have a sister story, Some Nights. I like to call these sister books because the heroines (Saona and Sierra) are Dominican sisters from New York.

In all my books there are always prevalent elements like family, friendships, and love that breaks the rules. I like to say that my characters are not 100% bad nor 100% good but 100% human. Neither Sierra nor Matt are perfect. They’re flawed and don’t always make the right decisions but they’re loyal, downright good, and passionate. I hope you check out Some Mornings.


New city.  New job.  New life.

Recently divorced single-mom, Sierra Torres’ life is a hot mess. And now, her car’s been stolen.  When she reports the theft, a tall and broad-shouldered blast from her past walks in. Years ago, he disappeared without a trace after a perfect seven minutes in heaven 

The provider.  The supporter.  The survivor.  

Police officer Matthew Hunter lives to serve and protect, not only the people of Baltimore City, but what’s left of his family. He’s the responsible one—the reliable cop. Seeing Sierra again ignites a fire in him he thought he extinguished a long time ago. One look into her fiery brown eyes and it all comes back.  But Sierra's not interested in romance—just a little fun.  

However, hearts have a mind of their own.  Feelings deepen each time they see each other.  Soon, that’s not enough. They crave more. But when things begin to unravel after their past catches up with them, are their seven minutes in heaven over for good? 


The front door swings open and a tall police officer with enviable curls walks in. She looks around, her fingers hooking into the belt of her uniform pants. Her eyes move past me and rest on Jax for longer than necessary. “Someone reported a car stolen?”
Jax comes from around the bar and she’s still got her eyes on him.
I climb off the stool and wave in front of her face until her brown eyes are staring straight into mine. “Yes, it’s mine.”
“I’m officer Wicker and that’s my partner, Officer Hunter.” She moves aside as another police officer steps in. He towers over her by a foot. He has a shaved head and quarter-water-blue eyes I would know anywhere. They’re a flashback that floods me with memories of long chats, teenage angst, hormones, and hanging out on the rooftop of my Bronx building. It can’t be
He blinks a few times and even shakes his head. “Sierra? What the hell are you doing here?”
It is him.
“I work here. What are you doing in a cop’s uniform?”
He looks at his partner, who’s staring at him with interest, and clears his throat. “My family moved to Maryland years ago. So your car got stolen, huh?”
The abrupt change has me blinking fast, but I recover. “Yeah. It was parked in the alleyway behind the bar.”
His partner moves further into the room, looking around. “Do you have cameras?”
“Yes, the monitors are in the office,” Jax answers.
“Let’s go check them out,” she says.
I start to follow them. There’s no way I’m leaving her with my sister’s man. She’s looking mighty thirsty and eyeing Jax like he’s a Big Gulp.
“Sierra, you show me the alleyway,” Matt says.
We make our way to the back and as soon as we’re at enough distance from his partner, he places a heavy hand on my shoulder. I turn to face him. His warm eyes and that bashful smile take me way back. 
“I’m sorry I cut you off. Not many people know about my old history and I don’t share.”
I shrug. “No worries. You’re on duty. And that’s the craziest statement in the world. Dare-Me-Matt is a cop. Who the fuck would give you a badge?”
His laughter is instant, bubbling from deep inside, and triggers my first smile of the day.
He takes my arm and rushes me out the back door. “I’ll have you know, I’m a respectable police officer now, Ms. Torres. I catch hell-raisers.”
“Ten years ago, you were the… I forgot we can’t talk about that. I’ll have to keep that as our secret, I guess.”
He leans forward until we are almost nose to nose. “It will go into the vault with all those other secrets we kept before.”

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J. L. Lora is a Dominican-American author. Her stories explore the dark side of good characters, people living in the gray areas of life while playing the cards life has dealt them. She loves strong heroines and their equally powerful Men. She currently lives in Maryland, pursuing her dream of writing compelling, sexy, can’t-put-down stories about empowered, badass alpha heroines and take-your-breath-away alpha heroes. You can find her and or chat her up on Social Media.

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I’ve always found hotels fascinating. They are full of stories. Look at a regular three star hotel in a regular city: The clientele is as varied as the reasons for their stay. A businesswoman about to close a deal; an elderly couple visiting their grandchild, a cheating husband meeting his lover.

Working as a receptionist, I got glimpses of those stories. Once I witnessed my ex-boyfriend’s father sneak into a room with a woman who was definitely not his wife. Another time a desperate woman called me, demanding to know if her husband was sleeping alone. But, of course, hotels are not only places for deceit. I’ve also watched people fall in love, like my co-worker, who started dating one of our regular guests. That story served as an inspiration for My New Boss.


Twenty-five year old Selena Sanchez is down in the dumps: her mother is sick, the bills keep piling up, her boyfriend leaves her for another woman and she hates her new job in a small hotel.

Then she meets the guy from room twenty-three and suddenly life isn’t that bad. 

The only problem is, she’s supposed to keep relationships with guests strictly professional… 

***This is a sexy Hotel Romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA.***

Jenna van Berke loves Scandinavian mysteries, Nora Roberts, Margaret Atwood and everything in between.

Working in the hotel industry, Jenna has encountered innumerable honeymooners, cheating husbands and infatuated co-workers, providing her with ample inspiration for her contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels.
She moved to Finland several years ago with her family.

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Life sucks. “You suck,” I tell Jason’s picture on the screen.
“I hope you’re not talking about me.”
I jump so bad I almost fall off my chair. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” the man in front of the reception desk fails to suppress his laughter.
Still recovering from my nearly heart attack, I struggle to take him in: youngish, slightly too small navy suit, brown hair, impish hazel eyes, dark brows, and an infectious laugh. So infectious I can’t help myself and start giggling. The man is laughing so hard now there’re tears in his eyes and my giggle, too, turns into a full blown, stomach cramping laughing fit. I can’t stop. I laugh at my stupid job and my problems, and Jason and Tiffany and… everything. And it feels awesome. It’s like I’m laughing away all that bitterness and anger and fear that’s been sitting at the back of my throat for months.
“Sorry,” I finally manage to squeeze in between giggles, “that was so unprofessional.” I clear my throat and wipe my eyes. “What can I do for you?”
“I’m sorry, Ms...” he glances at my name tag, “...Santos, but I must have lost my key card. I’m Christopher McCoy, room twenty-three.”
“No problem, I’ll make you a new one, just a moment please.” Christopher McCoy – I remember the name, his was the very first reservation I typed in under Mr. Turner’s watchful gaze. He’s here on business for one night and he’s working for some sort of software company. “There you go,” I hand him the new card. 
“Thank you. Also, I’d like to reciprocate the favor of being unprofessional: let me invite you for dinner tonight.”
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Reforming the CEO

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Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for finding me here today! I’m beyond excited to be celebrating the release of Reforming the CEO. This book was so much fun to write, and while Reece holds a special place in my heart, I really fell hard for Vin and hope you do too.



His gaze flickered down and then back up to her face, and his mouth curved into a wicked half smile. “Want some company?”

His innuendo wasn’t offered with disrespect or even a hint of a lecherous tone but still implied what he offered. With this guy, she wasn’t Landon and Christopher’s adopted baby sister, or even “one of the Rowes.” She was just another babe he might want to take home. How...intriguing. Before tonight, he hadn’t noticed her. Not in the way she was used to being seen. A friendly wave here and there had made her feel ordinary, and for some reason, her body warmed at the idea of this man wanting her... Would his sexy lips taste like whiskey or Scotch? Not that she could tell the difference anyway. She abhorred the stuff, preferring champagne or a light white wine.

Taking her time to peruse the long length of him from his polished loafers to the confident challenge in his honey- colored gaze, she tilted her head and sucked on the corner of her lip. A bad habit she’d picked up in grade school, and one sure to ruin her lipstick, but she had other lips on her mind than her own. Too bad this wouldn’t lead anywhere.

“Uh, no.” She gave a little laugh. “I’m sure I’ll manage without your company.”

He made a little noise with his mouth, sort of a half- tsking thing, before he said, “Pity. I’m really good company.”

He didn’t push the issue, but now she felt like she was missing out on the best thing since smartphones, which could be a pro or a con in her book on any given day. She didn’t deny a certain curiosity where Vin was concerned. Thick, dark hair, tall and fit physique, warm brown eyes... By anyone’s standards, the man was gorgeous. But she’d dated gorgeous before, and rich, and witty.

“I’ll take your word for it,” she said and then scooted by him to exit the ballroom, but not before she caught his seductive scent. She inhaled, appreciating the dark promise of oak mixed with a lighter, citrusy aroma as she pushed through the revolving door of the hotel.

Marisa Cleveland loves to laugh, hates to cry, and does both often while enjoying the journey one sunset at a time with her husband. Expressing herself through writing, music, and dance is her lifestyle, and as a former gymnast, cheerleader, and dancer, she understands the importance of balance and encourages everyone to stay flexible.

Reforming the CEO
Imprint: Entangled Indulgence

What happens when your next door neighbor is the hottest, most notorious playboy in all of South Beach?
Reece Rowe is on hiatus from respectability. Before she returns to her stable, boring existence of charity events and dating predictable, stuffy suitors who are only interested in getting closer to the wealthy family who adopted her, she’s going to get a taste of what she’s been missing. She screws up her courage and heads to Vincent Ferguson’s office to find out what all the women in South Beach already seem to know about him.
Once CEO Vin Ferguson’s tech company goes public, he’ll have proved he’s no longer the poor, gritty kid from the wrong side of the tracks. But, citing his bad boy reputation, some financial backers waver, and his friends suggest dating a more respectable woman to improve his image. Ridiculous. Because delectable but snooty socialites, like his next door neighbor, are way out of his league.
And then, Reese walks through his office door and makes him an offer. To say his jaw hits the floor is an understatement.
And he can’t believe what she just proposed...

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Sick Kids In Love

Like Isabel, the main character of SICK KIDS IN LOVE, I don't consider myself a “romance person.” I'm too practical, too analytical, and way too in favor of talking everything to death. So some of my favorite scenes to write between Isabel and her love interest Sasha were the ones that let her be exactly that—neurotic and nervous and, most of all, completely honest about that with the person she trusts the most. Isabel never pretends that she's sure when she's not, and Sasha never makes her, and the easy way they share their insecurities with each other, even when they're insecurities about the other person, was one of my favorite parts of writing their burgeoning relationship.
“You could try taking me seriously,” I say. “I'm wrestling with a major decision here.”
“I've used up all the seriously I have for this issue over the past month and a half. I'm at capacity.”
“I don't have to be perfect,” I say.
I listen to him laugh, feel his scratchy breathing under my ear. “You asked people if you should date me,” he says. “And you do it for everything! You don't do anything without asking twenty billion people first to make sure the way you feel is normal. You are so afraid of making the wrong choice. Why don't you just trust yourself? What do you want?”
“What I want isn't the point,” I say.
“Do you even hear yourself?”
“No, because like...” I sit up. “What if I'm wrong? What if I do what I want and...”
“Lungs rested,” he announces. He gets up and goes over to his closet and starts rearranging boxes on top. “And you know, not that I support the practice, but most of the people you asked did say you should date me, so if you're going to go make it your method...”
“Going with what I want could be a bad idea,” I say. “What I want could mess everything up.”
He turns around and faces me, his hands braced on the top frame of his closet. He says, “If I'm reading between the lines correctly, what you want is to go to the dance together.”
“Okay, yes, but—”
He holds out a hand. “Just, just stop, right there. Think about how great it would be to just stop at yes. I know I would enjoy it, personally.”
“It could be a mistake,” I say.
“So what!” he says. “Is the world going to end if we go to the dance together and have a terrible time? Or if we date for a while and then break up? We would still be friends.”
“Everyone says they'll still be friends,” I say.
He shrugs. “Everyone isn't us.”
I sigh.
He pulls a box down and sorts through it, pulling out a bunch of what look like...Happy Meal toys, why does he save this shit? “Let me me ask you something,” he says. “When's the last time you made a mistake? Did something you knew might not end up well. Something reckless.”
“I...I don't know.”
“You don't know! Isabel, come on. That is no way to live and you know it.”
“Garfinkels don't make mistakes,” I say. “We make decisions.”
He barks out a laugh. “What is that, a motto? Is that on your family crest?”
I flop back on the bed. “Shut up.”
“Fine,” he says. “Maybe Garfinkels don't make mistakes. But you know what Sverdlov-Decklers do? Mistakes. Lots of 'em. Accidental babies, runaway trips to Africa, dating girls they meet at bars when they could be home with their lovely children, having the aforementioned lovely children without any kind of genetic testing, not cleaning their room for ten years...Just mistake after mistake. And since you've been basically living here for the past month, some of that must have rubbed off on you.”


Isabel has one rule: no dating.
It’s easier—
It’s safer—
It’s better—
—for the other person.
She’s got issues. She’s got secrets. She’s got rheumatoid arthritis.
But then she meets another sick kid.
He’s got a chronic illness Isabel’s never heard of, something she can’t even pronounce. He understands what it means to be sick. He understands her more than her healthy friends. He understands her more than her own father who’s a doctor.
He’s gorgeous, fun, and foul-mouthed. And totally into her.
Isabel has one rule: no dating.
It’s complicated—
It’s dangerous—
It’s never felt better—
—to consider breaking that rule for him.

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The Love Playbook

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The Love Playbook is a young adult book about second, and maybe third chances, football, and friends. Because let’s face it—aren’t these some of the most important things in life? Oh wait…and making out. Football, friends, second chances, and making out. Football is a way of life in Hillside, Texas, and Avery is just about to single-handedly try to get her team to the playoffs to save her dad’s job. But she doesn’t realize that her side-hustle of coaching the new boy on the team could utterly upend her life.

When Avery Stone learns her dad will be fired if his high school team doesn’t make the playoffs, she has to get her head out of her day planner and do something—anything—to help him win. Even if it means secretly coaching the team’s newest player, who seems to have more game than skill.

Lucas Black just transferred to Hillside with a fake name and a big secret. The MVP of every team he’d played on since he was seven—not to mention the MVP of every post-game party—he can’t understand why since arriving at Hillside, he’s been unable to catch a single. Freaking. Ball.

Until…Avery. Amazing, kind, generous, and crazy-freaking-hot Avery.

As Lucas goes from zero back to hero and Avery struggles with just what Lucas means to her, she inadvertently sets them on a collision course with Lucas’s secret…a secret that could take down not only Lucas but her father too.

DISCLAIMER: This Entangled Teen Crush contains a football player hotter than the Texas sun, hotel cuddles, and a steamy makeout session in the rain.

Avery sat up straight and stretched her back. She’d been so tense when they arrived, but now Lucas was actually here and talking to her, her body was relaxing. It felt good. “Beggars can’t be choosers. Our school is so small, and despite the number of kids—and their parents—who want to play on dad’s team, it’s still a pretty small pool of players if we want to be competitive.” And we really do.
Lucas nodded. Silence fell between them. But before she could ask for his cell number, he said, “So. tell me. Which is your favorite Star Wars movie? I haven’t thought about much else since you mentioned it.”
She laughed. “Seriously? That’s all you could think about?” She couldn’t take the edge off her voice, although she was trying really hard to be casual. They’d shared, like, two moments together. She’d been beating herself up for thinking about them when she should have been concentrating on school, and while she was thinking about him, apparently all he’d been thinking about were movies? She knew she wasn’t all that, hell even Blaine had called her vanilla—sweet but uninteresting—in his break up text, but come on, they’d nearly made out. Kind of, anyway.
He tipped his head to one side and paused.
She looked down. Damn. Why hadn’t she kept it light? She tried to think of something to say that would cover for her mistake, but came up with nothing.
He still said nothing. When she looked up, he opened his mouth to speak, but in the dark she saw a ball flying toward them. She pointed and squeaked “Ball!”
Lucas jumped up, spilling his beer, and intercepted it before it hit her. He caught it effortlessly. A huddle of guys came running toward them.
“Run!” a voice yelled.
He peered into the darkness. “Shit!” he said, and took off with the ball. He didn’t run fast, just fast enough to stay a few paces ahead of the crowd.
Suddenly there was a shout of pain. Avery jumped up. Was that Lucas? She ran down the steps and through the huddle. It wasn’t Lucas. It was Greg. “Sprained or broken? Sprained or broken?” he asked through clenched teeth.
“Dude. You probably twisted it,” Colin said. “Come on, man. Walk it off.”
There was a pause. Yvonne ran to the cooler and grabbed some ice in her sweater and a bottle of beer. Then made her way back to Greg. “This’ll help,” she said, handing him a beer and sticking the ice on his ankle. Everyone cheered.
Suddenly there was a rumble of thunder in the distance. There was no way there was going to be a storm. Mr. Hardy said nothing about rain. It was supposed to be a windstorm, and that had passed through during the day.
Lightning flashed over by the fertilizer plant to the east of the mall. A soft wind picked back up. It was nice. She closed her eyes and breathed. Okay. So Lucas had spent the past days wondering about her movie preferences. That was fine. She should remember why she and Lucas were even talking in the first place. Her dad. His job. Those were the important things.
With that out of her mind—she hoped—she could plan what she had to do tomorrow. It gave her comfort to know that she could turn to a fresh page, pick up a pen, and plan something different. It amazed her how those simple things could change everything. It was comforting.
And then thunder crashed above them, making her eyes fly open and Claire scream.
It felt like a bare three seconds before the skies opened. There was no faint splatter of rain. It went from dry to pouring in two seconds.
Everyone dived for the coolers and coats, and ran for the nearest shelter. She was about to turn and follow them, when someone took her hand. Lucas.
“Come on,” he shouted against the roaring sound of the rain hitting the stands and the plastic that covered the touchlines. He ran, and she followed. She couldn’t see a few feet ahead of her, or hear anyone else. But he was holding her hand and that was all her brain processed. He stopped as soon as they reached the concrete tunnel that ran around the outside of the field.
She stood against the wall, catching her breath. They were both soaked. Totally drenched like they’d been through a car wash. Was her dress see-through now? She resisted the urge to look down, and just plucked it from her skin a little.
She opened her mouth to say something—she wasn’t sure what.
Lucas came up close, totally invading her space. He braced himself on one arm next to her head. Rain was still dripping down his face. Her knees felt like honey under his intense gaze. “No. Star Wars was not all I’ve been thinking about. I’ve been thinking about how you helped me when you didn’t have to. How generous you’ve been to me. I’ve been wondering what happened to your mom and how you’re even still functioning. I’ve been wondering what you do when you’re alone in your room. I’ve been thinking about the expression on your face in the hospital. Because, I can’t forget the way you looked at me. You…you looked like you wanted me to kiss you. Really kiss you.”
Avery’s breath caught in her throat. Her joints seemed to fuzz, like she’d had too much to drink. He was so close, and she’d thought about him kissing her all day. His words just about slayed her.
“I’ve been thinking about you, Avery.” His gaze roamed her face, lingering on her lips.
Her breath shook as she inhaled. She’d never wanted to kiss anyone as much as she wanted to kiss Lucas Black.
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